How Long Can A Cat Live Without Food And Water ?

How long can a cat live without food and water ? Cats, just like any other pet, deserve the care and attention they need at all times. Feeding your cat should be no issue at all for you, and thus a balanced diet and water would be necessary at all times.

Once in a while, you may find your cat not eating or drinking water and wonder why. There is need to worry even though its perfectly normal but should not be happening for a long time since you care about its wellbeing.

How Long Can A Cat Live Without Food Or Water ?

Think of your cat skipping meals just like you and thus may be a choice taken deliberately and no reason for alarm.

How long can your cat go without food and water?

Cats can stay up to a week without eating anything and will not fall sick or get malnourished. As long as the cat is drinking water, it’s perfectly okay.

The lack of appetite is typical, but you should not just ignore it because your cat might have some other reason why. It’s essential to check on it so that you are sure everything is okay and nothing else but the loss of appetite is the reason.

If your cat is not eating, make sure it takes plenty of water because if not, it may end up dying. Cats also get a substantial amount of water from the food they drink, and thus starving may be a concern.

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A situation whereby the cat is not eating and drinking water at the same time for 24-36 hours is not the best for its health and thus going to the vet will be an option you need to consider.

Usually, a cat may go a maximum of 3 days without drinking water. As long as it’s eating still, it’s okay. However, if it’s not drinking water and eating, you will need to get it checked.

Cats are grumpy, moody and playful, but eating and drinking water should not be ignored. Make sure that your cat is always healthy by being fed and giving it water at all times.

how long can a cat live without food and water

What happens if cats do not eat or drink water

Your cat not drinking and eating would mean its basically on an empty stomach and thus weak. You will find it not as playful as before and duller even when cuddling it.

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Once you feel the stomach, you will realize how empty and the fact that it has no appetite, there might be something else. Secondly, eating and drinking water ensures that your cat stays hydrated and nourished.

The opposite would mean that your cat apart from getting weak, it will be dehydrated and lacks essential nutrients in its body. This would lead to its stomach shutting down first, then other organs getting affected.

The kidney due to lack of water, will get dehydrated and end up getting damaged because they require lots of it for body functions. Its brain and heart will not be left out either and thus the situation if not taken care of as soon as possible will lead to the unfortunate death of the cat.

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Why cats go without food and water

The first and apparent reason would be the fact that cats are quite moody and may lack the appetite to do so. You would not expect this from your pet, but it’s perfectly normal.

The other reason would be a health complication. Your cat may have health issues such as ulcers in the mouth, diabetes, or even an injury that it has. All these reasons could sum up to your cat, not eating, and thus you will need to know why and save it before it gets out of hand.

What you need to do is first do a thorough examination of your cat so that you are sure it’s okay and has no injuries. Once you identify anything that seems not normal attend to it and try feeding the cat after. If you, however, happen not to find anything peculiar, do not hesitate but consult your vet as soon as possible. Make it as quick as possible to ensure your favourite pet is back on its feet and eating as well as drinking usually.

Cats can survive and refusing to drink there water bowl for long can a cat really do that and it is possible to survive without food and stop eating for average cats. A cat go without food, eat or drink as long as they drink enough water.

Cat eats and function properly for older cats, and the water intake and hepatic lipidosis can occur within 24 hours if they eat long without food. A pet owner should know about food or water and refusing to eat.