How Long Can A Cat Live Without Food Or Water ?

How long can a cat live without food or water ? Food and water are two things that any living thing cannot do without. Most animals cannot live longer than three days without the supply of water. However, if there is enough water but no food, most animals can last longer, depending on their health.

Since long ago, cats have always been self-sufficient and resilient, which makes them survival specialists. But when it comes to food and water, there are specific considerations you should take. Scientific research declares that your cat’s body is about 75% water, which means that it is hazardous for cats to be dehydrated.

How Long Can A Cat Live Without Food And Water ?

As a responsible pet owner, and we like to think that you are; Always ensure that you have enough food and water for your cat(s).

How Long Can a Cat go Without Water?

Just like earlier pointed out, the water percentage in your cat’s body composition is the highest. This means that water is more important for your feline than food.

But don’t get us wrong, food is highly essential as well in the areas that it’s needed. Your cat needs water to facilitate the many bodily functions needed to survive.

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Water is vital for waste removal, toxin removal, metabolic processes, as well as healthy blood circulation. If your cat suffers dehydration, it is inevitable for organs to start functioning abnormally and eventually shutdown.

Like many animals, your cat can go for three days without drinking water and without too many health problems. If you are not around the house very often, ensure that you leave enough water sources for your cat.

However, you should make sure that they are well hydrated at all times as this will ensure they maintain a great shape. Though they can maintain such a time without taking water, it is better if they had water to drink at their disposal every time.

how long can a cat live without food or water


Dehydration might also arise from illnesses that cause cats to vomit too much, or when suffering from diarrhea. If you suspect any loss of interest in your cat’s water intake, the best thing to do is to seek medical assistance. This could be indicative of a problem and it should be addressed very fast if you are to salvage your cat. Your cat vet will be able to carry out diagnostic tests to establish why your cat could be losing the urge to drink water.

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How Long Can a Cat go Without Food?

Sometimes cats can decide not to eat at all, no matter how hard you try to feed them. Your cat can suddenly choose not to follow your lead, which leaves you wondering how long a cat can go without eating.

To get this question right, you need to have studied your cat very well. Is it always full of appetite, or does it only eat when fed? Research determines that cats can go for up to one week (being the maximum) without eating anything. Some domestic cats can only survive up to 3 or 4 days before they start complaining to their owners.

Although cats can last that long without eating, the effects are always dangerous. Due to the lack of proteins arising from starvation, your cat might develop Hepatic Lipidosis.

Hepatic Lipidosis is a condition that causes the liver to store up fat proteins and later on supply it in the form of energy to the bloodstream. The danger comes in when the liver accumulates excess fats, which inhibit its ability to function normally. Now, we know you don’t want this to happen to your purr baby. So, you should seek the vet’s medical advice as soon as you start noticing your cat’s loss of appetite for a long time.

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If your cat starts exhibiting unusual eating or drinking habits, don’t panic. Sometimes it’s just based on their feelings and not their health matters. Try to understand what has caused the sudden change first.
But if your cat goes for more than three to four days without eating or drinking water, take it to the vet immediately. Don’t take any chances with your purr baby.

Cats can survive and refusing to drink there water bowl for long can a cat really do that and it is possible to survive without food and stop eating for average cats. A cat go without food, eat or drink as long as they drink enough water.

Cat eats and function properly for older cats, and the water intake and hepatic lipidosis can occur within 24 hours if they eat long without food. A pet owner should know about food or water and refusing to eat. As long there is no lack of water or the amount of water is not short or dry food is not available a cat can go without eating food.

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