How Long Can A Dog Go Without Drinking Water ?

How long can a dog go without drinking water ? The fact that water is life does not only apply to us human beings but also for all mammals. Therefore, like us, our pets can’t survive without water.

Being aware of how long your dog can live without water can help you thwart some life-threatening situations that are likely to happen.
A dog, your canine friend, can live for two-three days without taking water.

Factors such as health, genetic makeup, and the dog’s bread play a key role in determining how long a dog can last without water. Consequently, even if a dog is considered healthy, it can still struggle to stay alive beyond three days without drinking water.

In addition, dogs with health problems such as kidney disease can die quickly if they lack water. Also, aspects like weather conditions and temperature can influence the number of days a dog can last without water access. In other words, it can be more dangerous for a dog to stay without water in summer compared to during the colder months.

Days of a Dog without water

• First day: The initial 24 hours of a dog without water is enough to make it restless. By then, the dog will be vigorously looking for water. Naturally, a dog can act fine even after a day without food, especially when it is sick. However, without the cool-down and moisture provided by water, the dog becomes agitated.

• Second day: the dog becomes totally desperate to satiate its thirst during its second day without water. If it doesn’t drink some water during the second day, it starts to get weak. Also, the second day without water could mean death, depending on the dog’s health and breed.

• Third day: The third day without water is deadly to dogs. At this moment, inevitable death is a better guarantee compared to during the second day. If the dog is still breathing, it can be saved by rushing it to the veterinarian for instant medical assistance. The dog requires replenishing the already lost fluids as fast as possible to ensure its survival.

• Past three days: Since dogs have different capabilities, some can last beyond three days without water. However, at this point, most of them are usually in the dying process, and giving them medical care cannot be of any assistance.

how long can a dog go without drinking water

Insufficient access to drinkable water is one of many reasons why a dog can stay without taking enough water. Lack of sufficient water in the body can lead to dehydration in canine. Other reasons include:

• Being in a place that is not familiar- A dog can recognize when it is in a new territory due to its sharp sense of smell. A new territory can make the dog cautious or nervous, which makes some dogs decline to take water.

• Aging- Old dogs are prone to loss of appetite, which makes them less active when it comes to reaching for the water bowl. Also, they are likely to avoid taking water, which makes them prone to dehydration.

• Cold weather-Like humans, dogs take water to replace the amount of water lost because of heat as well as to regulate the body temperature. During cold weather, dogs drink less water since fewer fluids are lost.

• Traumatic experience-Some dogs decline water after going through a traumatic experience like castration, dental surgery, and neutering.

• Diseases- Illnesses and diseases like kidney ailment and diabetes can make a dog stop or minimize its water intake. Also, urinary tract infection in a dog reduces its level of thirst, therefore, making it take less water than the body requires. Remember that dogs pass urine more often and in more significant volumes than usual due to diabetes, kidney failure, among other internal illnesses.

Signs that your dog has fewer water levels in the body include sunken eyes, weakness, dry gums, collapsing, lethargy, and loss of skin flexibility.

Important to Note

As much as your dog can last a few days without water, you should not encourage it. When your dog is not taking water, this could lead to dehydration which is not healthy for your lovely pet. It is therefore, advisable that you maintain constant supply of fresh drinking water for your dog at all times.

When you happen to notice that your dog is not interested in taking water, you should consult your vet doctor who will check as to what could be causing such behavior. They will often run diagnostic tests to establish what could be ailing your dog. This will then be treated with appropriate medication until your dog is finally in great shape.

Water is life, and to your dog this is still true. You will note that some dogs are very active during the day which could lead to water loss. This dehydration will soon take a toll on your dog if left unchecked. It will potentially lead to harmful conditions for your lovely dog.

Apart from guarding our homes and entertaining us, dogs are actually our family members. In this case, like each family member, they also require necessary things like water to prevent them from dying of dehydration. Besides, dying of thirst is among the worst things dogs can die from. This is because it is a long process of distress and thirst that can affect their mental and physical state. Never let your lovely furry friend go through this!

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