How Long Can A Dog Go Without Food And Water ?

How long can a dog go without food and water ? When your healthy dog fails to take water and food, you are likely to ask yourself how frequently a dog can go without water and food? You must understand different reasons that could probably lead your dog to go without food as well as water.

This is to ensure that you implement the right steps while treating your pet or dog. Note that dogs need food and water just like human beings, so, if they do not get this sufficiently, they are likely to be in danger.

How Long Can A Dog Go Without Food And Water ?

Statistics have it that annual thousands of dogs die due to starvation while other hundreds die from dehydration. Note that healthy dogs can go without food for five days or beyond, depending on your vet.

However, this applies to healthy dogs that are taking an adequate amount of water daily. In case your dog is unhealthy, it can only survive for two or one days.

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On the other hand, your dog can only go for either two days or one without water. Bear in mind that your dog needs access to clean and fresh water all the time.

However, ensure that if your dog has not taken water for 12 hours, you consult the vet since dehydration can cause death is you are not careful. Therefore various reasons can determine how long your dog can go without food as well as water.

Fussy eater

Some dogs have pride and are just fussy eaters. In case they do not love the taste of their food, they will refuse to consume it. However, professionals recommend that you wait for a certain period since dogs cannot starve to death. If you find this difficult, consider another type of meal with a different brand and flavor as well for your dog to feed appropriately.

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New environment

If you are either on a destination or in a new home with your pet, you must note that the change of environment is likely to make your dog lose appetite. Some dogs are prone to suffer from emotional sickness due to the car; this makes them lose appetite even more.

More importantly, note that a new environment is a significant factor or reason that makes a dog refuse to eat and also become nervous that it would not even want to taste water too. So, if you are planning to move out, you should know that a new environment will affect your dog.

how long can a dog go without food and water

Dental illness

Nothing is painful like your dog having a dental illness; this is because it will make your dog uncomfortable and painful. Furthermore, bear in mind that dogs can encounter similar dental issues to humans, such as loose teeth, oral tumors, broken teeth, cavities, and gingivitis.

Therefore, if you have ever suffered from a dental illness, you probably know how uncomfortable and painful it can be to eat or even take water. So, the dog also undergoes the same experience.

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Sometimes dogs forgo food and water because they are unwell. However, if your dog refuses to eat as well as take water for 48 hours, it is appropriate that you consult the vet for medical attention. A lot of diseases, as well as illness, can make your dog lose appetite. These diseases include pain, liver complication, systematic infections, kidney failure, and cancer.

You need to know that vaccination plays a vital role in the health of your dog. This is to prevent illnesses as well as diseases. However, note that some vaccines come with adverse side effects, including the loss of appetite in that your dog will neither want to take water or even food. But thank God for this only lasts for a few days since they are contemporary effects. If you experience your dog not eating after vaccination, it is reasonable, and after a short while, it will resume its regular habit of drinking and eating.


Based on the following information, you are now having a clear understanding of how long your dog can take without eating, taking water, and the reason behind it. Therefore, in case you notice unusual behaviors with your dog, it is appropriate that you visit the vet for medical attention. I hope that this information will be of importance in helping you know how long can your dog can go without food and water.

Important to note when a dog eat what is the side effect and the water bowl if it has a refusal to eat or has good health. How long can a dog or general dogs which are healthy dogs not eat is it 48 hours o what if the dog has health issues. Dogs go without water if the dog is dehydrated or need medical attention. Dogs can survive days without water or drinking water or dog food.