How Long Can A Dog Go Without Food ? Let’s See

How long can a dog go without food ? If you are a pet lover, it’s a joy to welcome a new pet into the home. But if you are not familiar with how to feed them, it can be a big challenge to feed and maintain them. Unlike humans, pet needs extra care because they cannot communicate the way you would like.

You have to establish a proper meal schedule, but how long can a dog go without food? This is the main question you need to ask when scheduling. What if the dog opts to go hungry than eat what you will put in their plates.

How Long Can A Cat Live Without Food Or Water ?

Most of the pets are picky eaters and would rather stay hungry than eat. There are many ways you can help your dog eat well, but you must understand how long your dog can live without eating.

how long can a dog go without food


The duration that a dog can stay without eating depends on its physical condition before when it stopped eating. If your dog had no health problem, then it can stay for more days.

But if your dog had some health problems issues, then it would last for a long time. A healthy dog can live close to one month without food, but its health will be at worst at that time.

How Long Can A Dog Go Without Food And Water ?

Water is another determinant of how long the dog can cope without food. Like human beings, more than 70 percent of the dog’s body is made of water.

When a dog fails to get water, its condition becomes worse. A dog with water can survive for many weeks while it’s strong and healthy. Although, in the end, it may be so weak to the extent of failing to drink even water.

Drinking water is also affected by some conditions like hot weather or cold weather. In a hot environment, a dog may fail to live for a long time, even though it may be drinking a lot of water. Dehydration is very high in hot areas.

A cold environment favors the metabolism system of the dog. It uses less energy, especially if the climate is not extremely cold. In this condition, the dog drinks very little water even though it does not eat.

How Long Can A Dog Live Without Food ?

As a dog owner, you should know there is a major difference between a dog that is choosing not to eat and the dog that is deprived of food. Once you notice that your dog is refusing to eat, you have to examine more. Sometimes the dog fails to eat due to lack of appetite caused by health problems.

If you are not able to investigate your dog’s condition, call your local veterinary to examine what the problem with your dog. Loss of appetite is one of the symptoms of several serious diseases found in dogs. Veterinarians have skills and experiences of treating different types of dogs over the years. Contacting them will save your dog for an expected death.

A dog can also refuse to eat because it is picky. In such a case, you can put the dog’s food for a while, and they give it the next meal. By doing this, your dog will easily get the ideas when they go hungry; they will have to eat the food once they are served to them.

How Long Can Puppies Go Without Water ?

eating but drinking water


The breed of the dog can also determine how long it can live. Sometimes it’s hard to determine how long the dog can live without eating. For purebred dogs, there are known ranges within each breed. Giant breed like Irish Wolfhounds is considered to survive for long.

Most l medium-sized and large and dogs, such as Spaniels and Setters and, tend to live to stay for a long time without time. Small dogs and Toy breeds and, such as Whippets, may also remain for long without food. Those are generalizations. Individual dogs may live shorter or longer lives depending on the disease, good food, and overall health care.

If a dog is not eating or drinking it can not survive without food. If a dog goes days without food or days without eating you will need to take your dog to the vet because the dog is sick. When eating habits change for your dog it is time for medical attention, dogs can survive on a minimal amount of days before they need energy requirements.

How Long Can A Cat Live Without Food And Water ?

The type of food the dog had eaten before stopping eating also determines how long it can live without food. Light food and carbohydrate are easily digested, unlike wild animals who eat the whole prey after killing it. The domestic dog eats what is provided by the owner.

For a dog to last for many days without food, it should eat the whole balance diet. The balanced meal gives the body all the nutrients they need, and this is what wild dogs get from their prey, these prey have all the nutrients.

A dog can stay without eating for around four weeks, but this doesn’t mean you put them hungry for a long time. For a healthy dog, it good to take the appropriate food, balanced, and write the amount. Water is also essential for your dog’s health daily.

Finally, make your near veterinarian, your friend. Seek advice whenever you notice some strange eating behavior from your dog. They are not such expensive, and they may be helpful in the time of the need. Contact them, and they will give you the estimates.