How Long Can A Dog Last Without Food ?

How long can a dog last without food ? Each living thing requires food to survive. Therefore, your dog should eat an adequate and balanced diet to stay strong and healthy.

However, if your dog refuses to eat its food for some reasons, don’t worry as dogs can last for several days without food. A healthy dog can survive for five-seven days without food. On the other hand, if your dog is not in its best health, it can last for three to five days.

How Many Days Can Dogs Go Without Food ?

How Long Can A Dog Last Without Food ?

However, the dog can stay that long only if it drinks a lot of water. Additionally, the following aspects also influence the days a dog can last without food.

• The physical and mental strength
• The age
• The timing of your dog’s last meal
• The level of hydration of your dog

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Phases of a dog without food

• The first phase- this phase happens during the initial 24 hours. The dog does not show profound change. However, the glycogen begins to decrease as they fill the absent nutrients. The blood sugar remains normal, which keeps the metabolism of the dog at a healthy level.

• Phase two- The glycogen store begins to decline, making the dog’s body to start looking for other supply of energy (gluconeogenesis). At this point, the dog begins to become unstable and unhealthy with little energy.

• Phase three- during this phase, the dog starts breaking the remaining fats to energy, and the effects become visible. Additionally, since the dog lacks food which is an external source of energy, the liver starts releasing kentones in its bloodstream as a sort of energy. The dog requires medical attention at this stage. If none, the dog can die.

how long can a dog last without food

Unlike cats, it is unusual for dogs to decline to eat. However, there are many reasons related to the dog falling to eat. They might include:

• Medical conditions- There is a long list of health conditions that can make a dog lose its appetite. The most common include infections, allergies, parasites, pain caused by wounds, dental issues, autoimmune diseases, and severe conditions like organ failure, cancer, and diabetes. If you realise that your dog has any of these medical conditions, you need to involve a veterinarian for immediate medical care.

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• Mental conditions- Mental conditions such as depression and anxiety in a dog can play a significant role in reducing its appetite. You can notice if your dog is depressed if it is not active or playful as usual. In addition, you can realise if the dog is anxious if it becomes more volatile.

• New environment- some dogs tend to take time before they adjust to a new environment. Some do this when moving from one area to another without eating. It is advisable to carry their toys to assist them get used to the new surrounding.
• Behavioural issues- Relating dog’s behavioural problems with no or declined appetite is hard. However, there are some hints that people use to analyse the behaviour of the dog including dirty bowl, whether the dog is dehydrated, new food, or whether the dog is eating amongst other aggressive dogs.

How Long Can A Dog Survive Without Water ?

Important to Note

Your dog will definitely need to gain a lot of energy from its food. Whereas healthy diets will ensure that it has a prime condition. It requires foods that will ensure that it stays strong and its body is able to fight off infections. This basically means that you should not let your dog starve, or have diets that are not healthy. You should always check your dogs feeding habits and whenever you notice some loss of appetite, you should check with your vet.

Your vet doctor will be able to assess your dog for prevailing conditions, illnesses and any other reason which could be affecting your dog’s appetite. You will then be able to resolve the issue, and your dog can presume its proper feeding habits. You should never encourage the loss of appetite with your dog, but you should always keep a watchful eye towards their behavior.

You will be glad when you see your lovely dog in its best health condition, as they will also be generally happy and content.

Eating or drinking for your dog s health is very important for dog owners and a refusal to eat or lack of appetite may indicate something deeper if your dog is trying to survive without food or stop eating. The real issue is how long a can a dog can go with days without eating for healthy dogs. A dog to the vet or a dog is sick might go days without food if they have medical conditions. If 24 hours a dog go without eating or drinking water or dog food then the owner should determine if they need wet food or have they loss of appetite.