How Long Can A Dog Live Without Food ?

How long can a dog live without food ? Dogs are living beings just like people. They are made of flesh, bone and blood. Like people, dogs need a steady diet of nutrition to survive.

A dog does not need to eat a lot to live. However, they do need to maintain a certain amount of calories to stay healthy. If you forget to feed your dog for about a day or two, it won’t be a big deal.

How Long Can A Cat Live Without Food Or Water ?

However, if a dog doesn’t anything for 3 or more days; that could be serious problem. Let’s find out how long a dog can live without food.

A Dog’s Genetic Makeup Determines How Long it will Survive without Food

A larger animal will need more calories than a smaller animal to survive. This premise is basically true for all living beings. An elephant will have to consume tons of food to maintain its mass.

How Long Can A Dog Survive Without Water ?

However, a simple field mouse will only need a miniscule amount of substance to live. The point is that that larger dogs need more calories to survive than smaller canines.

how long can a dog live without food


If you take a large breed dog’s food away for a couple of days, they can survive the ordeal. However, they are going to hungrier than a smaller pup. Still, if you take a smaller pup’s food away for the same amount of time, they will experience hunger pains as well.

Truthfully, the smaller dog is prone to starve to death a lot faster than a larger animal. This is because a smaller dog doesn’t have larger reserves of fat to live on like a larger sized animal.

How Long Can A Dog Last Without Food ?

So, a larger dog can hold out longer than a smaller dog in terms of not eating. However, they will be weaker and more prone to health problems because they are getting fewer calories to maintain their weight.

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What is the actual amount of time that a dog can go without eating food?

Dogs can go between five days and three weeks without eating any food. The amount of time that a dog can live without eating food varies by species.

Some dogs genetic makeup allows them to go extended periods of time without eating. Many wild dogs don’t eat every day. As a matter of fact, some dogs in the wild can go up to a week without feeding. The point is that dogs don’t always have to eat to survive. Still, if you have a pet feed them.

Water is the Key to a Dog’s Life

Dogs can go a long time without feeding as long as they drink water. Without water consumption, a dog won’t last for more than 3 days. They need the hydration.

A dog will drink before it eats. It has to in order to live. So, providing your dog with lots of water is essential. They can go a longer period of time without eating if they drink water. Some research indicated that a dog can live up to 30 day by sustaining itself on water.

Ultimately, a dog can live up to 3 weeks without food. However, this length of time will vary by breed, genetic design and size. A dog will definitely need a lot of water if it doesn’t eat. Otherwise, they could die in as little at 3 days from dehydration.

How Long Can A Cat Live Without Food And Water ?

If a dog has stop eating or drinking then the dog is not eating or refusal to eat because of a lack of appetite. A dog go without food for many reasons and to survive without food the dog may go days without eating it really depends on how long can a dog not eat will depend on the digestion system of the healthy dogs.

The dog to the vet office may be an option when the dogs refuse to go days without food. Sick dogs will have different eating habits that may require medical attention, the dogs can survive with various energy requirements and drinking water.