How Long Can My Dog Go Without Eating ?

How long can my dog go without eating ? Almost everyone knows that food is what generates for us the energy to do our daily duties. Furthermore, even when you go to bed, vital organs use energy to maintain you alive.

The same applies to other organisms, including your dog. Bear in mind that without food, your dog is not likely to survive. Therefore, you need to note that healthy dogs can survive for five days with no food. However, this is only possible if it takes a lot of water.

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On the other hand, some can extend to approximately seven days, even though you should not let things get out of hand by ignoring to take your dog to the vet.

Therefore, this article will take you through several reasons as to why your dog can go without eating.

Picky behavior

Statistics from cuddle your dogs have it that a lot of dogs have the potential to take most food specifically for dogs. However, most of them tend to be so picky; in case your dog is used to canned food that is wet, then kibbles may not be favorite or exciting hence forcing it to reject it. This also applies when you need to alter their diet because of several problems like diabetes or obesity. Bear in mind that some dogs are likely to adjust and embrace these changes, while others will find it very uneasy about adjusting to these changes hence failing to eat.

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Health problems

This is the leading factor that can cause your dog to go without food for a specific duration. Your dog might go without food or probably lose its appetite when the teeth are hurting; the dog might also feel nausea and avoid taking food for some hours.

Moreover, in case you have vaccinated your puppy, it might experience a side effect of having a minimal appetite. However, this is not likely to last for a long time.

There are some more health-related problems, such as pancreatitis or parvo, which can be fatal not appropriately treated. You must avoid making assumptions and visit a vet to determine the problem; this will enable your dog to resume its regular eating habit.

how long can my dog go without eating


Mental condition

How Long Can A Dog Last Without Food ?

Mental condition greatly interferes with the eating habits of your dog by causing it to lose appetite. These mental conditions include anxiety as well as depression, note that these mental conditions also apply to humans. Therefore you should be very keen on these conditions; below is more clarification of anxiety and depression.

Anxiety-Dogs that are anxious tend to be more volatile, and you can easily tell this from their behavior, such as growling, hiding barking, trembling, and aggression.

Moreover, you can know if your dog is anxious when it has symptoms such as panicking when it goes out, tucks its tail between its legs, and tend to run away constantly. These are sufficient signs to tell that your dog is anxious hence experiencing suppression of appetite. Thus, to prevent anxiety, you have to visit the vet to offer you the best treatment.

How Many Days Can Dogs Go Without Food ?

Depression- A depressed dog has several symptoms, such as being inactive by not playing frequently, change in sleeping schedule, and not loving things they found enjoyable previously. A vet will guide you on how to deal with depression to enable your dog to regain its usual feeding habit.

Lifestyle changes

The lifestyle change has the potential to make your dog undergo depression. Note that when you take your dog from a home that is warm to a new cold jail. There will be a massive variation since it will fail to understand what happened to its warm home. Therefore, you must note that when you alter your home, you will interfere with your dog’s appetite as well as lifestyle.

Examine the dog’s meal

In case your dog is in a healthy status and its forgoing food, then you have to check the meal of your dog since this can be the route cause of it not feeding. If it is due to food change, note that it is normal since several dogs do not like your new diet formula. Make sure that you examine the dogs’ food as well as its smell. Maybe the issue is the food appearance together with its aroma.


From the above information, you are now familiar with how long your dog can go without food and why. Therefore, it is upon you to examine your dog and find a reason behind its poor feeding habit. I hope that the article will make you more informed on how long your dog can go without eating.

Eating or drinking is very important to your dog. Even when they drink water a dog won there hydration and can survive without food . The question always remain how long can a dog go days without eating.

How Long Can Dogs Last Without Food ?

Healthy dogs when their owner take their dog to the vet needs lots of food and if a dog gets sick the dog is sick and most often don’t want to eat. But how many days without food is the real question that is very important.

Feeding your dog table scraps may sound like a good idea however your dog needs energy required if they have a medical condition. If 24 hours has passed and it does not get the types of food they need because they refuse to eat then a dog go without eating dog food is not a good thing. Even it is because of loss of appetite.