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How long is basset good for ? BASSET refers to Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training. It originated from the state of Illinois. The ILCC or the Illinois Liquor Control Commission is the body that implements the program.

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It aims at encouraging legal and responsible profitable selling of alcohol. It administers and approves the seller and server education known as BASSET. They provide BASSET licensing through their “On The Fly course.”

For you to get the license, you can do an onsite visit that has physical offices near your home area. You can, however, consider doing the same using $12.99. You can consider taking the course as an employer or have your employees do it at a cheap fee.

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how long is basset good for


How Long Is Basset Good For : Why do You Need the BASSET

You will need to take the Basset certification for several reasons. First is for you to comply with the rule of law in Illinois. Since July 1, 2018, it has been a requirement that all sellers and servers take a course in basset.

If you have no basset certifications, you may have to answer to the court of law. As an employee, most of the employers will require you to provide the certification before they hire you.

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It is also a way of ensuring public safety. It educates you how to store the alcohol and handle all the types of equipment used. Also, it teaches you how to check on the quality of the drinks.

The course does also educate you on how to regulate minors from drinking alcohol as well as the drivers. From these reasons, it appears that there are a lot of advantages that come along with taking a basset course.

Does it have an Expiry Date?

You might be wondering how long is basset good for? As at for the moment, Illinois does not require recertification after a person gets the licensing.

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It means that, after taking the course, the card that one receives does not expire. The only people that the law requires to renew their certificates are those who work in the cook countries.

These people should renew their licenses every three years. One can do this by sending an email to It needs you to include your name, approximate year and date of completion, and possibly the person you were working for before taking the course.

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After reviewing your details, they will give you details of to where and when you should expect to get your certificate. People who took their course as at 2001 can check with the ILCC to see if their information is still secure.

Even if you lost the license, you could always get another one as long as you did the course program. In some situations, however, a replacement will need you to contact the person who trained you.



An excellent example is if you engaged in TIPS or Learn to Serve program. Basset trainers, however, will have the files so you cannot lie about details about your trainer. Note that, as long as you trained and you can prove it, you can always get a replacement without a lot of struggles.


Although online basset courses are easy and straightforward, it is worth noting that they are not favourable to all. Some of the communities stopped accepting online courses.

It is essential, therefore, that you consider checking with the liquor commission in the area of your residence. It is more recommendable that you consider taking the onsite training instead of the online classes. The later is not secure and can be wastage of time.

Final Verdict

Having the BASSET license is one of the most important things you should consider obtaining if you desire to serve in the liquor industry. It permits you to operate without fears of going against the law.

It also ensures that you maintain the standards of public safety during the operations. Also, it requires no recertification unless if you work in a cook country. That makes it convenient and suitable for all liquor sellers and servers. Make a decision and get your certification today.

In conclusion, is a temporary certificate that can last for 30 days in order to serve alcohol in the state of Illinois, the certification course is valid for 3 years once your complete the course, you can become basset certified and their is a certain number of hours in length this will allow you to sell in grocery stores alcoholic beverage I believe this can be on premise and off premise.

You will need to participate in the basset program before the final exam to become a seller server and servers of alcoholic beverages. You will receive card valid for 3 years based on the premise basset certification I believe in cook county or premise course.