How Many Days Can A Dog Go Without Water ?

How many days can a dog go without water ? Water is an essential part of a dog’s nutrition, and it has been proven that a dog can survive for about two weeks with water only.

If you provide food without water, a dog will not survive for more than five days. A dog loses water when they sweat, through the paws, when it pants and through pee and poops.

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Thus, the number of days a dog can go without water depends on the breed, age, the season of the year, level of activities, and whether they are sick or healthy.

Make it a rule to feed your dog one ounce of water for every pound of its weight. For instance, if your dog weighs about 15 pounds, then it will need about 15 ounces of water daily. Read on to know how long your pup can survive without having had a drink, under different situations!

How Long Can Puppies Go Without Water ?

When Sick

A sick dog may not feel like drinking water as required, and this might be okay but could make the dog more sick and dehydrated. A dog who is vomiting and has diarrhea cannot go for long without water, as this might worsen its condition.

A sick dog, therefore, should not go without water for more than 24 hours. Encourage your sick dog to drink water by providing the water throughout the day, ensure that your dog drinks water every six hours.

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If your dog fails to take adequate water that replaces the water lost through diarrhea and vomiting, then you must visit a veterinary doctor for rehydration.

After Surgery

A dog that has undergone surgery might feel nauseated due to the effects of medication, but the condition improves with time. After surgery, a dog should not go for more than 12 hours without water, offer water to the dog six hours after the surgery.

You may not introduce food immediately, but water will help the dog keep hydrated, which caters to the liquids and blood loss during surgery. If you are away at work, ensure that you have someone who gives water to the dog after surgery. Feed your dog wet-food, which becomes a source of water during recovery.

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how many days can a dog go without water

When Pregnant

A pregnant dog should not go for more than two days without water—pregnancy results in water loss due to frequent urination. The fetus also needs enough water to grow in the womb, provide water at all times.

If you are away for more than 6 hours and your dog is pregnant, look for a dog walker who can help with exercise and check if the dog has enough water. If a pregnant dog does not drink water for more than 24 hours, contact the veterinary who can help to check if your dog is okay.

When Hunting

Hunting dogs need more water than an average dog, and they will not go for more than two days without water. Hunting dogs run in the field and lose so much water through sweats, panting, and on their paws.

When you feed your hunting dog, ensure that you also provide water in an additional bowl. Most of the hunting takes place during the warm seasons, and this is the time when the dog loses more water, and the lost water should be replaced by providing water at least twice a day.

Water Intake during summer

Summer is the hottest season in most parts of the world, and it is the season when there are reports of many animals dying due to dehydration. A dog will lose so much water during the hot season and, therefore, will need water every six hours. If you are away at work, ensure that you provide water for the dog on bowls, which they can drink as they wish.

When using Alternative Sources of Water

Some puppies may not love water at first. To ensure that the dog remains hydrated, give it milk, which is a better alternative to water. There is plenty of milk that can act as an alternative to water.

Ensure that you buy it in small quantities first and try it on your dog to check if they have any reaction. As days go by, slowly introduce some water by diluting the milk until the pup gets used to drinking water only. A dog that drinks milk may take a long time without water without dehydrating.

If your dog does not drink adequate water, then you can also increase the amount of water by feeding them wet food. Wet food should not be an alternative to water entirely but can help a dog that has little water intake. Train your dog to drink enough water by providing water after every meal so that they meet the required intake of water. Dogs will drink water even when you are not present if they are conditioned to drinking after every meal.


Healthy dogs can struggle to go for more than five days without water. Dogs should drink one ounce for every pound of their body daily. Pregnant dogs need more water, which helps in the development of the fetus in the womb.

During summer, when it is hot, a dog might drink more water than during the cold season. Hunting dogs also need more water than other dogs as they lose a lot of water in the field through sweats and panting. The duration a dog can last without water, therefore, hinges on different factors, including age, breed, health, and even weather.

When a dog eat there are warning signs that need an ample amount of water for the dog to drink. If not it can have a dry nose or may have a refusal to drink water after long walks. An ounce of water may cause you to have symptoms of dehydration if not drank in the right amounts.

A healthy dog can show signs of dehydration or skin elasticity. When dehydration in dogs occurs health issues may arise. Dogs go without water will have sunken eyes no energy to fuel. If days without water blood flowing proper could leave your dog if it was only eating dog food.