How Many Days Can Dogs Go Without Food ?

How many days can dogs go without food ? Every living thing needs food for energy to survive. Hence, your pooch is no exception. For you to keep your dog healthy and strong, it must eat a balanced diet accordingly.

But what happens when your dog experiences a sudden change in its intake of food. Well, there are plenty of valid reasons that can cause a lack of appetite in your dog.

How Long Can A Dog Last Without Food ?

A healthy dog living in favorable conditions can last up to five days without consuming any food from medical studies. However, the dog should still be drinking water. So, what do you do when your pooch is not eating?

Here are some reasons that cause the loss of appetite in dogs and the actions that should be taken.

Medical Conditions

Many medical conditions can bring about the loss of appetite in your dog. Some of which might even surpass your awareness. Your dog might look healthy, but just like you, a lot more is happening on the inside. Here are some of the most common ones:

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• Infection – this will definitely affect your dog’s appetite and it will not eat normally until the infection is under control.

• Upset stomach – your dog will feel uncomfortable with an upset stomach and will not want to eat anything. However, when this goes away, the dog will resume normalcy in no time.

• Parasites – they can be very disturbing to the point whereby your dog loses its appetite, and regular cleaning should be encouraged.

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• Dental issues such as Gingivitis – if every bite your dog takes is painful, they are not going to attempt to eat. It is advisable to have such issues checked and rectified early enough.

• Critical conditions, such as diabetes, cancer, etc. – these conditions will wear down the body and consequently affect your dogs appetite.

If you experience a change in your dog’s appetite, then some of the above medical conditions might be the vast contributors. Your dog needs the energy to live, and when it’s not eating, it consumes some of the energy stored in the fats and oils.

Eventually, the stored energy succumbs to depletion, and your dog starts to deteriorate in health.

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As a loving and responsible dog owner, you should visit the nearest vet and seek some medical advice.

The dog’s food

Sometimes the lack of appetite in your is not something that serious. Maybe you recently changed its food, and it does not love the new formula.

Some formulas might not rhyme with what your dog wants and their digestive system as well. It’s normal for your dog to dislike new recipes, but you must recall when the loss of appetite started.

how many days can dogs go without food

If it is indeed the meal causing the appetite loss, then don’t introduce new formulas to your dog instantly. Slowly assign fresh meals while still retaining the ones your dog is used to and observe the progress. It takes time for your pooch to get used to a new taste of food.

Behavioral Issues

Although this might be a bit tricky to understand or relate to, your dog might lose their appetite due to the following behavioral problems:

How Long Can Dogs Last Without Food ?

• Dehydration – this could be the course of your dog’s loss of appetite, and should be given adequate water throughout the day.

• Feeding amongst aggressive dogs – this will intimidate your dog to the point whereby they don’t eat properly.

• The height of the bowl – your dog will be bored having to reach for food whereby it is struggling. Getting the right size bowl is a good idea.

• A dirty bowl – having a clean bowl for your dog will greatly help with its appetite.

You must know and understand your fur baby’s behavior to know if any of the issues are causing the loss of appetite. If you are unsure, you should seek medical advice from your vet.

Final Thoughts

Food is essential in every living thing. You consume energy even in your sleep, and so does your dog. So, to keep you healthy, give it food. The rule of the thumb is to never experiment on how long your fur baby can last without eating.

The loss of appetite in your dog can indicate some underlying medical problems, and the best thing to do is to seek medical attention before it gets worse.

Eating or drinking is always a good thing for your dog however if they are having a refusal to eat or dog is not eating then the question is how long can they survive without food. How will this affect your dog when they stop eating.

How long can a dog end up days without eating and healthy dogs need to take the dog to the vet which could be a real issue. The number of days without food is critical if the sick dogs need energy required.

If you feed your dog that have medical conditions for 24 hours and the dog can survive drinking water that would be good dog food and won’t have loss of appetite or be thirsty.