How Much Does A Cane Corso Cost For A Large Breed ?

How much does a cane corso cost ? The Cane Corso is around twenty inches at the shoulder and weighs typically around a hundred pounds. It has a big head, muscles that ripple below their short, stiff coat, and an alert expression.

At first sight, the Cane Corso is an intimidating creature, which is one of the reasons that people love it. It continues to grow popularity, and it can be described as the combination of brains and brawn in a dog.

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The Cane Corsos are loyal, intelligent, intensively loyal to their owners, versatile, and eager to please. However, these animals are willful and bold and can, therefore, end up an oblivious owner. People love it as both guard dogs and family pets.

Just like other guardian dogs, early socialization with persons and other dogs, and responsible breeding is crucial. So, how much does this amazing dog cost?

The fact that the Cane Corsos require intensive care and training push up their prices above that of an ordinary dog.

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Puppy Price of a Cane Corso

The cost of a Cane Corso puppy ranges between $900 and $2000. This is for a puppy that has a quality genealogy and health checks, but its standard is not high enough to show. It doesn’t arguably mean that there is anything wrong with the puppies, they just don’t fit the set breed standard to show level.

Show quality puppies are typically sold for $2500 to $4000. However, some puppies will go for as much as $8500 because of their superior pedigree.

A breeder who uses show level pedigree dogs pays more for the use of the male dog. There is also an additional cost that is referred to as the running cost and is comes from maintaining a puppy at show level condition.

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how much does a cane corso cost

Dog Price

If one doesn’t want to purchase a puppy, one can go for an adult Cane Corso. Some dogs find themselves in rescue centers, and sometimes it is not their fault.

A person can adopt a Cane Corso for around $250 to $500. This cost covers typically the health checks, basic training, and neutering or spraying done in the rescue centers. Centers also offer interested buyers a good idea if the dog fits their lifestyle.

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It is essential to put in mind that purchasing or adopting an adult Cane Corso can be challenging. This is because some dogs might have had traumatic experiences and histories that could result in behavioral issues.

Training of mature dogs is very crucial, and the buyer should be conscious of this fact.

Service Dog Price

Cane Corsos are powerful, strong, and naturally very protective over their owners. This is the reason why they were nicknamed ‘bodyguards.’ According to many people, Corsos are the best guard dogs for personal protection and property.

Buying a Cane Corso as a professional guard dog is not something that one should take lightly. One should look for a professional company that has adequate experience in training such dogs. The cost of a fully trained Cane Carso service dog ranges between $8500 and $13000.

Factors that determine the cost of a Cane Corso.

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When purchasing a Cane Corso, there are different factors that one puts into consideration, and they similarly impact on its price.

The first one is age. Unless one is seeking a fully trained guard dog, the most expensive Cane Corsos are aged between 8 and 12 weeks. If a breeder fails to manage to sell the puppies at that age, he or she will lower the charges. When a puppy exceeds a year, its prices reduce by a great deal.


M ales grow more massive than the females. AS a result, males require more food, which is an extra cost. Females are also preferred by many as they have calmer and sweeter nature.

Breeder Practices

Cane Corsos breeders are held to a particular standard if they wish to be registered with the American Kennel Club. Registered breeders sell their puppies at a higher cost because their care is a little more expensive. Similarly, the higher the welfare prices, the more costly the dog is likely to be.

Other factors come in handy to influence the price of a Cane Corso are the location of the breeder, lineage and bloodlines, coat color and certification and warranties.

For a large breed or any breed standard as a family pet guard dog, a healthy breed corso cost depends on how much pet parents are willing to pay for it. A cups a day for these dog breeds must show quality like an italian mastiff which is a also quality dog with a lot of time. A cane corso puppy is like a work dog and the cane corso price for a big dog needs detailed information and proper training along with good dog food.