How Much Does A Havanese Cost For Food And Health ?

How much does a havanese cost ? Who wouldn’t want to own a Havanese? This dog is one of those you will want to boast about as long as you own them. They are small-sized dogs that were initially bred to be companion dogs, and they surely serve that purpose right. It is not only active but also prides itself on an impressive temperament.

However, people will always want to be cautious about how much they spend on dogs, and the Havanese is one such dog might want to think twice. Understandably, everyone is always concerned about their budget; you are not alone. The big question, therefore, remains how expensive or affordable is the Havanese pet.

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Average cost

Mostly, you will spend between $1000 and $1500 to get a purebred Havanese. This amount is often dependent on the breeder, the dog’s traits, and the location of the puppy. While at it, you will witness that you could get them at a lower cost if you choose to forego their puppy years. On top of that, you are likely to part with between $1500 and $1800 to maintain this pet.

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Food and health

Any Havanese pet owner will need to make vaccinations a priority. Usually, these dogs tend to be more vulnerable to conditions such as joint dysplasia, heart problems, and deafness. If you do not take care of them in advance, you could end up spending a fortune in the long run. Usually, the cost will vary with the type of vaccine. Be ready to spend about $250 on this aspect.

Visits to the vet will also cost you a considerable amount in the long run. Usually, you will spend between $50 and $250 on each visit you make. Remember that you could easily end up having monthly visits in the long run.

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Now, like any other dog, you will spend much on food. One thing about this Havanese puppy is that it has a relatively good appetite, and you are likely to spend a chunk on its meals. Despite this, you will be confident of improved health at all times, thanks to its active lifestyle too. On average, you could spend between $200 and $450 on its food annually.

how much does a havanese cost


Now, let’s talk about taking care of your dog. The Havanese pet comes with a double coat that could be either silky or fluffy. The length of this coat varies with your preferences and how long you want to maintain it. Most importantly, you should keep in mind that grooming this dog is relatively costly.

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Usually, you will need to brush the coat daily and bathe it weekly. On top of that, you will need to consider professional hair trimming, preferably after every six to eight weeks. It is only through this that you will maintain its appeal in the long run.

Often, pet grooming will cost you between $30 and $100, depending on where you are and the length of the coat. Considering the length of this dog’s skin, you might end up spending a fortune. Any extra grooming, including treating fleas and cleaning teeth, will come at an additional cost.

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Pet Insurance

Did you know that pet insurance will help in covering various unexpected issues? Investing in these insurances will often be essential in improving access to vet services. Most likely, you will spend an average of about $470. However, it will assure you of value for your money at the end of the day. That is because it covers a variety of issues, including accidents, health problems, and grooming costs too.

Is buying a Havanese dog worth it?

Where would you get a companion who will stay by your side for 15 years at $1000? Getting a Havanese pet will assure you of a loyal friend to stand by you for all these years. As long as you promise it proper grooming, enough nutritious food, and better healthcare, you will be confident of reaping value for your money. In this light, there can never be a better dog for you to buy than this pet.

Nails that grow by a reputable breeder may have a lifespan of 15 years and a havanese breed that is fluffy or silky has a price range depending on medical issues and akc certification. A purebred havanese puppy in puppy years has a type of coat that include regular visits to the vet and you should expect these costs.

In conclusion, the costs of acquiring and even taking care of Havanese puppies will often vary from one breeder to another. However, whichever amount you spend on getting a healthy one, you will be sure of the best returns.