How Much Is A Pomeranian ? 5 Elements Of Price

How much is a pomeranian ? Pomeranians are gorgeous dogs with a fluffy coat and foxy face that most pet enthusiasts adore.

Their playfulness and intelligence can match the personality of some breeds of dogs two times their size.

The stunning coat of Pomeranians requires tender and loving care and that makes these dogs a luxury breed. So how much does one healthy. Expect to pay for dog breeds that are mixed breeds and could be a show dog.

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Pomeranian cost?

Price of a Pomeranian Puppy

The price tag on a Pomerania puppy mainly depends on the pedigree. The pedigree describes the lineage if a dog and offers proof that the Pomerania is a purebred.

A Pomeranian has an average price that lies between US$500 and US$1,500. You can get a puppy from a good breeder affiliated with AKC registration (American Kennel Club).

But you won’t get a show quality puppy. That doesn’t matter, nevertheless – a lot of people who buy them are not interested in showing their pups off.

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If you badly want a showing quality Pomeranian puppy, brace yourself for a costlier price tag – you’ll be looking between US$3,000 and US$10,000. That’s a Pom puppy with an incredibly good pedigree.

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Price of a Pomeranian adult

If you want to avoid the costly care and attention obligations that come with Pom puppies,  consider buying a self-sufficient adult; adults turns out to be almost always cheap than puppies.

Getting one from dog adoption centers is always the best option, with adoption fees being between US$50 and US$350.

You’ll have to incur other costs such as training and medical care. Training a Pomerania is a tough task and could make you fork out as much as US$10,000.

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The only time to expect the adult Pomerania to be expensive than the puppy is when you’re intending to show off your adult – Poms meant for adult-shows are significantly expensive.

What determines the price of a Pomeranian?

1. Colour: Pomeranians with rare colors are priced higher compared to those with common colors such as white. Pomeranians with smooth solid-colored fur are also costlier. Blemishes of the fur can reduce the price of a Pomeranian significantly.

2. Age: Puppies obtained from a reputable Pomeranian breeder cost several times what an adult would fetch. If you want a puppy Pomeranian, the ideal age to obtain one is between six and eight weeks.

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This is the appropriate time to introduce the young dogs to socializing and training. The reason why older dogs are affordable is the fact they’ve already established specific habits that are difficult to change.

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3. Breed specifications play an important role in the pricing of Pomeranians, especially puppies. Purebreds come from long lineages that have been decided by reputable breeders.

Breeders ensure that dog only retains the desired features. Pomeranians, for instance, need to come in a solid color, good genes, and friendly temperament. Crossbreeds of Pomeranians such as “Pomskies” and “Teacups” cost more.

4. The breeder’s location can influence the price as well. This is because breeding fees and regulations vary from one region to another. The costlier it is to breed a Pomerania in one region, the higher the price tag.

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5. Season of the year: It is more expensive to purchase any dog, not just Pomeranians, in the summer than in the winter. This is because there is a high demand for dogs around that time, so the prices tend to shoot up to take advantage of the demand.

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The Pomeranian could make the perfect dog for a single person, family with older children, retiree, or apartment dweller.

They are fitting to anybody that is willing to commit to a moderate level of grooming and allow time to give them patience while housebreaking and early training to prevent them developing small dog syndrome and other bad habits as well as take them on moderate to long walks every day and bestow a good amount of love and attention.

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