How Much Raw Food To Feed My Cat ? For A Healthy Feline At Home

Raw cat food supplement ? Having a healthy cat at home is every cat lover’s joy. However, some people cannot attain such a level of care for the cat. One thing that they forget is that a cat is a jungle being.

Feeding Cats A Raw Diet

Left alone to live in the jungle, she or he will be eating a variety of food. You don’t have to give your cat the food that he loves most every day. If you are not a vet, you might not naturally balance the food for him, especially the raw cat food. You need some nutrition to serve along with the cat diet. Here are some options for you:

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1. Tcfeline 

This is the first option that we would recommend for you. It provides your cat which the nutrients similar to the wild food that your cat would take.

You need to mix it with raw meat, egg yolk, and water, although the egg yolk is optional. This supplement can be given to all dogs of different ages.

How To Feed Cat Raw Meat ?

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Choosing to use this supplement, calls that you don’t mix it with any other supplement, it might not be necessary for you. If you want to prepare the cat food in bulk, you should go ahead and do so and ensure you freeze it.

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2. Alnutrin supplements

This is another supplement that you could consider adding to your cat food. It is a powdered mixture of minerals and vitamins to boost the vitamin content of your cat food. You can add it to either raw or cooked food.

How To Get Cat To Eat Raw Food

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The reputation of this food is boosted by the fact that it meets the nutrient profiles, which are recommended by the association of America feed control officials. Therefore, as you feed your cat on this, there is no other supplement that is needed.

3. Wysong call of the world

As the name suggests, this very option is ideal for your cat to give the result that would otherwise be felt if the cat was to feed on the raw wild food. Serving this supplement is the simplest thing that you can imagine. It is made in powder form.

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Once you have prepared your turkey, chicken, rabbit, or any other natural spray of cats, you can just spread it on top of the food to give the supplement. It can be used either as a supplement for raw food or just as conventional pet food.

Whoever the method that you choose to go for, you can always have the supplement prepared in different ways. For the kittens, you should spread just a pinch of the supplement onto the food. However, for adult cats, a teaspoon would be enough. Once you have opened your package, it is recommended that you either freeze or refrigerate what is left for the next service.

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Benefits Of Raw Feeding Cats


As pet owners you want to have quality foods for your animals some may consider whey protein as a good pet food supplement, you also want to ensure it has raw liver with no artificial additives, for commercial cat food it should have beef liver in it and also egg yolk may be 1/2 cup of these food products along with raw meat may be good for your adult cat.

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Having prepared food from a total cat store with liver powder will serve your cat if they eat homemade raw cat food diet. A natural cat with 100 human grade and pharmaceutical grade ingredients should not be in dry food.