How Much To Feed Boxer Dogs : Good Nutrition And Amount

Best dog food for older boxers ? Boxers are considered the 10th most popular dog breed in the nation. This simply means that 1 in 10 dog owners will have a boxer as a pet.

How Much Should A Boxer Dog Eat ?

While boxers make a great domesticated animal to have in the home, they often have to deal with many health problems in their older age. Boxer owners should know what types of foods to give to their four-legged friends. Good nutrition goes a long way with helping boxers to live their best life possible. Here is a look at the best dog food brands for boxers.

Best Dog Food For Boxers With Sensitive Stomachs

Boxer Dog Feeding

Quick Facts about the Physical Size of Boxers

Boxers are medium sized dogs. They are 2-feet in height and they normally weigh up to 50 pounds. The dog breed typically needs 1500 calories a day. Most older boxers will slow down in their activity when they get older. However, they still can be active critters. Now, let’s take a look at some of the best dog food brands for boxers.

How To Feed A Boxer Dog


Eukanuba is an unusual name for a dog food brand but it is considered one of the best foods on the market for boxers. This brand is highly rated because it creates specific brands for each breed. They make a unique dog food blend for young and older boxers.

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This blend of boxer dog food is marketed with a 3D DentaDefense System. This means that the kibbles are the right size to control the plaque on a dog’s teeth. It is also useful for removing tartar. Eukanuba dog food blend contains beneficial elements such as taurine, L-carnitine glucosamine and even beta-carotene. This product is made with a great chicken flavor that is hard for boxer dogs to resist.

Boxer Dog Diet Guide

best dog food for older boxers

What Food Do Boxer Dogs Eat

Royal Canine

Royal Canine is another upscale dog food brand that has a lot of great flavor and nutritional benefits for boxers. Older boxers are given great health benefits with this dog food blend. This particular brand offers your boxers a well-balanced blend of protein and fats. The nutritional content is very tasty to boxers. It offers lot of great flavor that they will find hard to resist. Royal canine is considered one of the best dog food brands for boxers to consume.

Taste of the Wild Dog Food for Boxers

Taste of the Wild is a dog food brand that helps older boxers to maintain a high quality of nutrition. Many older boxers need a healthy diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Taste of the Wild Dog Food is the perfect blend for old boxers. This blend of dog food is a great meal for boxers with sensitive stomachs or who are suffering from gastric issues. The blend includes ingredient such as peas and carrots which boxers can utilize for carbohydrates. Fruits such as blueberries, tomatoes (yes they are a fruit) and have also been included. Your dog can also be treated with omega-3 substances as well.


Orijen dog food for boxers is more about the biological benefits for dogs and not just the taste. What makes this a useful dog food brand has to do with its natural ingredients and unique taste. The ingredients include beef, boar, bison, lamb and pork. These are foods that dogs in the wild ate long before dog food was created. Orijen doesn’t have any grains but focuses on the meat. This nutrition helps to maintain a boxer’s body even in their older age. Remember, dogs are animals and a plant-based body is not best suited for them.

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What To Feed Boxers

Protein diets work best for their makeup and chemistry. This substance also useful for helping a dog’s joints and their muscle development. Remember, older dogs need to maintain good muscle and joint health during their older age. Orijen is an expensive dog food blend but it’s nutritional benefit for your senior canine is well worth the expense.

Dog food for boxers need to have a great amount of fat content with energy levels for overall health. Boxer owners need to provide a good amount of fruits and vegetables and don’t have food allergies. Also, glucosamine and chondroitin should help your boxer and should feed your boxer especially if they have high energy. Also, brown rice and good protein sources will help their skin and coat along with any health issues for senior dogs. Taste of the wild high prairie comes with a good source of animal based protein and should also have vitamins and minerals to help their immune system. Also, boxers are prone arthritis if they are older.