How Often Should You Bathe A Cat ? 4 Reasons To Do It

How often should you bathe a cat ? Every pet owner wants their feline friend’s skin and coat to be healthy. However, it’s common knowledge that cats can easily become aggressive if you try to give them a bath. This issue makes most people prefer to avoid bathing their cats.

How Often Can I Bathe My Cat ?

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Bathing your cat seems not to be the best thing to do if he does not like water However, you still want to find a way to do it once in a while. Even though cats are fond of self-grooming, bathing your pet will make them smell better, eliminate dandruff, and also make it easier to detangle matted hair.

How Often Can You Bathe A Cat ?

Why should you bath a cat regularly ?

As mentioned above, keeping a cat clean leaves him or her smelling better, makes it easier to detangle matted hair, and reduces dandruff. Those, however, are not the only benefits of occasionally giving your cat a bath. Here are additional reasons to bathe your cat once in a while.

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Why should you bath a cat regularly

How Often Are You Supposed To Bathe A Cat ?

As mentioned above, keeping a cat clean leaves him or her smelling better, makes it easier to detangle matted hair, and reduces dandruff. Those, however, are not the only benefits of occasionally giving your cat a bath. Here are additional reasons to bathe your cat once in a while.

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How Often Should I Bathe My Cat ?

1. Your cat will become cleaner

It’s easy to assume that self-grooming in cats helps them stay clean all the time. However, this is quite far from the truth. Even though a cat is able to get most of the dirt off its body through licking, self-grooming does not make a cat human-standard clean. Cleaning your cat occasionally will help in keeping them considerably cleaner.

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2. Healthier coat

Other than just helping your cat to become cleaner, a bathe will also make your cat’s coat be shinier and healthier. This is in consideration that the coat will be free of matted hair and dandruff. Just be sure to use the right products when bathing your cat to reap the most benefits.

3. Reduces shedding

You don’t want your cat’s fur to lie everywhere, especially if your cat seems to shed more often. Most cat owners whose cats have long or soft coats know how stressful it can be to keep cleaning their homes more often just to get rid of the extra fur. Showering your cat can help in getting rid of the excess hair so that there is less left to shed.

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You should combine baths with brushing to get rid of even more hair. Keep in mind, however, that some cats tend to shed more hair if they have never been bathed before. This should not be a cause for concern, though. The increased shedding will come to an end once your cat becomes comfortable with taking baths.

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4. Bathing gets rid of skin parasites

If your cat has fleas, it’s highly recommended that you bathe them more often using flea-control shampoo. The best place to get parasite-control products would be from a vet clinic, as you will also get a chance to discuss other ways of getting rid of these tiny pesky pests.

There are a couple of additional, but less significant benefits associated with bathing cats as well as some minor drawbacks, such as your cat developing allergies to certain shampoo products. Some cats can also be significantly difficult to handle when bathing.

But how often should you bathe your cat?

Now that you know that it’s beneficial to give your cat a bath once in a while, you may be wondering how often ‘once in a while’ means. Well, one thing you should keep in mind when creating a bath schedule for your cat is that you never want to shower them too frequently. Doing so can cause dry and flaky skin.

In general, all the same, the average indoor feline friend should be okay with being bathed one or two times every year. Experts say that it’s not necessary to bath your cat more than once a month. However, this is dependent on a variety of factors such as:

• Environment

Outdoor cats will benefit more from regular baths compared to indoor cats since most of them are more active and exposed to a variety of factors that necessitate regular baths.

• Coat length and type

Typically, longer coats are better off cleaned more frequently compared to shorter coats.

• Self-grooming behavior

If your cat finds it hard to reach all areas of their body when cleaning themselves, it’s recommended that you give them a bath more often. This prevents their coat from getting greasy or sticky.

• Health issues

Some issues such as irritation, flea infestation, and others require some special attention. If your cat suffers from such health challenges, you may want to bathe them more frequently. You seek some advice from your vet before making such decisions, nevertheless.

How Often Should We Bathe A Cat

Final Word

Now you know how often ‘once in a while’ means as far as cleaning your cat is concerned. Keep in mind, however, that it’s not a big sin if you prefer not washing your cat at all.

Besides, most people don’t and are totally okay with it. All the same, if you believe that the benefits of keeping your cat clean are worth the effort, then you should make a decision to bathe him or her more frequently.

Depending on your cat activity level it might be bath time for your short coat cat. The question is ? Is frequent bathing necessary well after you rinse your cat and use the blow dryer on the cat’s skin you want to wait at least 4-6 weeks before doing it again.