How Tight Should A Dog Collar Be

How tight should a dog collar be ? Dogs are some of the best pets we have in our homes and also the most loyal; there is a reason why they say a dog is man’s best friend. If you have one, then you probably already know how important dog collars are and what they can help you achieve. In fact, the benefits are quite obvious and straightforward especially if you get a sturdy dog collar that reflects both comfort and durability.

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Dog collars have been used in various ways and for different things ranging from training to controlling and protecting your loved pet. Have you been wondering how you can teach your dog certain behavior, control their wild act or simply protect them from harm? Here is a brief look at why you need to buy a sturdy dog collar:


how tight should a dog collar be


a) Dog collars for control

These are some of the most controversial dog collars in the market. How tight should a dog collar be ? From prong collars to martingale, choke and pinch collars, these control attachments can help you control your dog when they get out of hand especially in public places.

You never know what may tick off your dog at any time so having at least one kind of collar for control is recommendable. However, it is important to keep it as humane as possible. Prong collars are safe and do not endanger or cause any suffering to the dog.

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They simply tighten a little bit to remind your dog that everything is in perfect control and there is no need for panic. You can look through the wide array of choke and pinch dog collars and review each offer to make sure they are safe and humane for your loved pet. These collars include a handle you can grab to control your dog manually and are often used together with a leash.

b) Dog collars for identification
Identification collars are simply small neat loops that you can put around your dog’s neck to help identify their name and owner in case they stray.

These collars basically support identification tags and medical information. If your dog strays away and needs regular insulin shots or any other medicine (due to chronic illnesses), the medical information on identification collars can guide those who find it to deliver the necessary medication or take it to vets who can interpret the information.

Most identification collars feature a buckle (like that found in belt buckles) to hold them loosely around the dog’s neck, and are either made of leather or nylon webbing. Tags can be hung underneath the collar for identification purposes.

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Barking collars and wider collar needs to have an accurate measurement. Loose collars should use the finger rule and measure the circumference and size collar. Extreme cases use a cloth tape measure to see if it feel snug. You don’t want the collar to be to tight or too loose. Collar should sit with proper size and ensure your dog collar fits. Your dog will thanks you for having the collar properly fitted.


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There are numerous pet stores that provide how tight should a dog collar be various kinds of dog collars. When shopping for such pet accessories, it is advisable to go for high quality durable designs that also depict comfort and ergonomics. Finding sturdy dog collars should be your priority especially since dogs are very active and may easily damage the collar if it is not of good quality. Your dog will probably attempt to remove the collar a few times before they get used to having it around their neck.

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Having strong leather or webbed nylon collar will ensure you enjoy many years of service. You can also find collars made using hemp, oilcloth or metal. It is important to choose comfortable collars that will not choke, irritate or risk your dog’s health. You can always tell they are in pain if they keep barking after you put the collar around their neck.