Hamster Life Span : How Best Take Care Of One

When making a decision about what kind of pet to get, it is important to think about the life span of any potential pet in order to understand what kind of commitment you will be making and to gauge what is expected of you as their owner.

If you are considering getting a hamster as a pet, just know that the average hamster life is shorter than most other common household pets. On average, hamsters live about 2-3 years.

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That is only an average, so, of course, some hamsters can live less than 2 years and some can live longer than 3 years.

There are several factors that affect how long a hamsters life will be. One uncontrollable factor is the breed of the hamster. On average, the Roborovski Hamster can live 3 to 3.5 years while the Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamster can live 1.5 to 2 years.

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Another uncontrollable factor is the genetics of the hamster. A hamster can inherit a gene from their parents, or even from their grandparents, that can lead to a longer life span or they can inherit a gene that leads to a shorter life span.

However, there are some controllable factors that can possibly help your hamster live a longer life. Diet and exercise are probably the most important things to maintain.

The best things to feed your hamster are vegetables, fruits, and protein pellets. Just make sure not to overfeed them. And you always want your pet to stay hydrated with clean water.

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But there has to be a lifestyle balance. So it is important for hamsters to do exercise in order to avoid getting fat and lethargic, two things that can lead to a variety of health problems.

Giving your hamster a wheel to run on, cage tunnels to run through, and open space to run around are ways for hamsters to do exercise and burn energy.

Additionally, good hygiene and a clean environment can also help your hamster live longer. Before handling or playing with your hamster, you should always wash your hands because hamsters can actually catch colds.

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But what is a simple cold to a human can be a dangerous infection to a hamster. When it comes to bathing, hamsters groom and clean themselves so do not put them in water and do not use soap on them.

It is actually not recommended to bathe them at all. However, if there is dirt or grime on your hamster that they are having trouble cleaning, then you can use a damp paper towel to gently wipe them.

Even though you are not suppose to bathe your hamster, it is important to clean your hamsters home regularly and provide them with clean, unspoiled food and water.

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Furthermore, a hamsters length of life can be shortened due to stress. Hamsters are easily stressed because they are easily excitable and don’t handle stress factors easily.

And too much stress can lead to stress-related diseases. Hamsters jump or bite when scared or surprised and surprising a hamster is easy since they have poor eyesight and can only see a few inches in front of them.

A hamster can even surprise itself because having bad eyesight means having poor judgment when it comes to height and distance, so they can jump out of hands easily or run into things.

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The best way to avoid stress and possibly extend the life of a hamster is to have them live their lives in a controlled environment. That means to keep a hamster home to a single level and play with them on the floor so that they can’t fall off of anything. And always be gentle when handling them.

How long do hamsters live well that all depends on their life span, the life span of syrian hamsters is different than that of a chinese hamster. Some say a hamster life is typically average lifespan  2-3 years of life expectancy.

Having a pet hamster like a russian dwarf hamster or a roborovski hamster will be different in terms of average life span. Teddy bear hamsters have also the same expectancy, however a hamster can live a long time like golden hamsters.

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