How To Potty Train A Pug: 3 Great Ways To Learn

How to potty train a pug ? When compared to other breeds of dogs, pugs are a little smaller. They also have great personalities and usually prefer to sit indoors than spend time outside.

Pugs also tend to be more temperamental than other breeds, and as such, they can be a little challenging to train. Their small size means they can be trained to use a potty inside the house, but you have to be consistent and persistent in your training until they get it right.

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When it comes to how to potty train a pug, you have to start by preparing everything you’ll use. Select an appropriate area that the dog will apply. A secluded part of the house where people don’t pass by or isn’t obstructed by anything is the right place.

The area you choose should also be comfortable for the dog. If not, then they will end up littering other parts of the house when you’re unable to monitor them.

Apart from the litter box, try to place items like beds and toys for the dog in the area. This will make them more comfortable and will allow the dog to get used to going to the area faster.

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how to potty train a pug


After choosing the perfect area, you can select a litter box. The boxes are usually made with artificial grass, but you can add disposable puppy pads for more comfort and convenience.

Since pugs have a small bladder and therefore pee frequently, you have to take them to the box every one or two hours. You can also pay attention to them to locate any signs they want to go.

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Let the dog remain in the box until they have finished doing their business then compliment them. You can also use treats to get them to adjust faster.

Most dogs react better to gifts, and pugs aren’t different. The best way to show them that they have done the right thing by using the potty is to reward them with a treat.

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Monitoring the dog is also essential in ensuring they don’t use any other part of the house that has not been designed for them. If you’re too busy or can’t monitor them, you can use a dog crate to contain them instead.

Pugs have the ability to live around quickly and undetected. As such, it’s easier for them to give you the slip and use another area if you don’t pay close attention to them.

The more they give you the slip, the harder it will be to train them. In case you’re too busy, you can use a harness to tie the dog to you until they get used to using the litter box. Avoid using collars on the pug as it could injure them.

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When it comes to dogs we all know that accidents in the house will happen. Separation anxiety also happens it seems like every 30 minutes.

But your have to create positive reinforcement and spend time with your pug in potty training in order to avoid accidents. It is a good idea to have a litter box along with cue words with your pug puppy.

The crate train is helpful and pugs love them and you can include them in your house training. A trained dog is a great thing and you can teach your pug in 20 minutes a day, you can also use an enzymatic cleaner or pee pads. When you have young puppies it is helpful to train your pug.