How To Train A French Bulldog To Sit: 3 Simple Ways

How to train a french bulldog to sit ? Training your dog is essential as it’ll ensure that you build and maintain a good relationship. Dog owners enjoy the company of well-trained dogs as they listen and obey commands.

Taking care of a poorly trained dog can be overwhelming. That’s why many individuals choose to re-home their dogs. Therefore, as soon as you get your French Bulldog, immediately start training him/her.

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The sit command is not hard. In fact, many French Bulldog parents manage training their pets this command easily. All you need is some tasty treats, consistency as well as patience. Today, we will learn how to train a French Bulldog to sit.

how to train a french bulldog to sit


Why This Command Is Important

Before we get to the training, it’s essential we begin our discussion from this point. Well, sitting command is useful on several occasions. For instance, in nervous dogs, it builds his confidence.

Also, it can help redirect your dog’s attention if your pet is begging. Again, training dogs to sit will help improve their politeness, especially when greeting people.

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What You’ll Need for Training

Individuals will need some few supplies to teach this command effectively. Treats are crucial for this training, especially soft treats that offer strong scents which capture your dog’s attention.

But, as they can dry or mold out quickly if not properly stored, consider other alternatives like freeze meat treats. Some common treats you could try include dried liver, cheddars, salmon treats, etc. Individuals can also bake chicken breast and cut into small pieces for more a more natural alternative.

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why this command is Important


Essential Training Tips

When teaching your pet, one should have the following points in mind.

The training ground should be sturdy flat to prevent accidents. Also, one should start with quiet areas as they improve your pet’s concentration. Then, you can later move to less quiet places.

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Pet parents should again exercise patience. Remember that like humans, dogs also take different learning times. Additionally, end sessions on positive notes always, as that’ll motivate your Frenchie to attend the next training.

Sessions should be short, sweet and fun. Don’t go past twenty minutes. Again, be observant. If you notice that he/she is struggling, end the sessions until the following day. Additionally, you should also be consistent in training your pet.

Teaching a French Bulldog the Sit Command

French Bulldogs naturally sit their hinds and rear. Therefore, pet owners will not need any special gear apart from delicious treats. Follow these steps when teaching your pet the down command.

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Hold a treat in your hand and stand in front of your dog. If he starts jumping at you, turn around to discouraging the jumping.

Individuals can again hold a treat over his nose such that he can sniff it. That will make him anticipate for something tasty.

Now move the treat over his head such that his nose follows. When this happens, your dog will rear down naturally as he moves his head up to follow the scent.

Once his rear is on the floor, say “sit” firmly then offer a treat immediately he does that. This helps form an association of action, word and reward.

Repeat these steps severally but don’t over-do it. Frenchies, like kids get easily bored and will therefore find something more exciting to do. If this method is not working, individuals can push their rear end down and gently say “sit” once it touches the ground, then offer a treat.

How Long Will This Training Last?

Well, that depends. Dogs are different hence take varying learning times. However, most take a short time. Within, a few days, your furry friend will have mastered this command. It’s therefore advisable that rather than frustrating him to get this command in one day, you spread lessons over a few days.

Final Thoughts

Well, Frenchies are intelligent dogs. Most owners usually don’t have a difficult time teaching this command. However, you might get stubborn than usual dogs.

But, eventually, by being consistent and training in a positive environment, they’ll learn to obey you. Pet owners are thus advised to be patient when training their furry friends. Just like humans, dogs also need time to learn a new skill.

When training your dog you need periods of time in the training process, you need to make sure you have treat in your hand. This will promote positive reinforcement with basic commands teaching your french bulldog to sit.

As for potty training you may need a dog trainer for different dog breeds to get in the sitting position you desire again holding the treat. This will be also part of crate training while french bulldog puppy training , these training sessions should start training as soon as you become french bulldog owners you need to be training your frenchie.