Husky And German Shepherd Mix : Training And Aggression

Husky and german shepherd mix ? The husky and German shepherd mix is believed to be a new combination, but the good news is that the two parents have long and fascinating histories.

Domestic dog breeds hybrids have existed since time memorial, and there is no special day that is noted in history as to when the first husky and German shepherd came into existence. This crossbreed is popularly known as the Gerberian Shepsky.

German Shepherd Husky Mix Canine : Hallmarks And Tone

German shepherds still have a low profile compared to other dog breeds. However, they are popularly known for being so easy to train and accurately follow commands. The current hybrid design trend is also contributing to making them even more popular.

This crossbreed is treasured by those people who are looking out for a large, working dog, that is also loving. This mix is without a doubt an Alpha, specifically because it commands respect. Their intelligence, loyalty and hard work makes them beloved dogs by everyone.

German Shepherd Husky Mix : What Is A Shepsky ?

What are the Expectations of this Crossbreed?

If you’ve interacted with German shepherds and huskies before, then you probably know that their personalities tend to differ a bit.

German shepherds are known for being very easy to train and can accurately follow commands without much strain.

Huskies, on the other hand, are quite brilliant but can be stubborn and free-willed at times. Therefore, this makes them quite challenging to train, unlike German shepherds.

German Shepherd Husky : Physical Characteristics

Aggression and Guarding Ability

Huskies are known to be friendly since they easily welcome strangers just like any other family member. On the other hand, German shepherds tend to be more reserved with strangers, which means they need to be taught how to socialize while still young to help them become confident around strangers.

Therefore, a Gerberian Shepsky can have any of the two-character traits. That means you will need to start training them early in terms of socializing and how to follow commands.

husky and german shepherd mix

Temperament and Training

It is easy to predict the appearance of a husky and German shepherd mix, but predicting their temperament is nearly impossible. Therefore, it is highly recommended to meet both parents of a Gerberian Shepsky puppy, to help you judge their temperament.

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One thing you need to keep in mind is that the puppy can inherit any of the two-character traits from both parents. Therefore, this will help you gauge whether you would want to have both of the parents in your home.

Both the German shepherd and Siberian husky are intelligent breeds. They also have very strong working instincts. Therefore, a bored Gerberian Shepsky dog can show very unwanted behaviors such as digging and chewing.

Therefore, the temperament of your husky and German shepherd mix is the one that will determine their stimulation and what exactly motivates them.

Protective and Attentive

They will surely make amazing guard dogs due to their attentive nature, which ensures that nothing misses their attention. Well, as much as this is a positive trait, you will also notice that it can be a nuisance when it is barking on every slight sound. However, it is an excellent guard dog, that will surely give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Friendly and Affectionate

Whenever you feel like giving this dog a belly run or even a pet, you do not have to worry as they have a loving heart and are incredibly affectionate. You will also find that this dog is great with people it has had a chance of socializing with, and will be very friendly around them.

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There is a particular rule which states that pedigrees don’t enjoy as much healthier compared to crossbreed dogs.

Gerberian Shepsky dogs tend to enjoy better health inherited from both of the parents. Therefore, this is something you need to consider; in that, you won’t have to undergo any health issues with this type of hybrid, although you should still expect the dog to have common health complications once in a while, depending on how you breed them.


Gerberian Shepsky dogs are relatively fascinating and have a lot to offer for their owners. But, always ensure you know how to breed and take of this type of hybrid before you decide to bring them home.

A mixed breed and a mixed dog can benefit when you brush your dog and a lot of exercise can be very beneficial for your dog. Parent breeds tend to be working dogs and a certain amount of inches tall when it is a husky mix puppy.

Dog breeds and large dog are thick double coats and can be used as guard dogs and are easy to train when they are 13 years. A german shepherd mix has certain exercise requirements and dog parks are very good for them. The gerberian shepsky are black and tan like the german shepherd and husky.