Is Basil Bad For Dogs : Fresh Herbs For Man Best Friend

Is basil bad for dogs. No, basil is not bad for dogs, if consumed moderately. A number of herbs and spices are used in our day-to-day life while cooking food but you may not know much about them unless you cook food yourself. Basil is one of the herbs used almost regularly in salads and sauces as well as in various recipes as an important ingredient.

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It is considered as a healthy herb that can show wonderful results when added to any dish. The increasing popularity of various spices, herbs and other healthy foods has also made basil popular due to its healing effect. Dog treats are good for dogs.

Is Basil Bad For Dogs : Herbs And Spices

But when it comes to feed herbs and spices to the pet dogs most of the pet owners hesitate as some of the herbs and spices which are healthy and beneficial for humans can be toxic for the dogs. It is better to consult your vet before adding herbs and spices in the routine diet of your dog.

Similar is the case with eating basil by your dog. Though dogs can eat basil without any health issue but it can be beneficial for your dog’s health if consumed in moderate amount.

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is basil bad for dogs

Your dog can avail the benefits of healing properties of basil when taken in limited quantity, whether it is fresh or dried. Various super foods including onions and garlic for humans can be dangerous for your dog but basil is considered as one of the safest herbs for your furry friend as it does not contain any toxic element for him.

How Much Can You Mix ?

So you can mix moderate amount of dried or fresh basil in his routine diet to add flavour to it along with making it healthier. But you need not panic if your dog eats enough basil leaves grown in your backyard as it cannot be much harmful for your dog if eaten occasionally. You should consult your vet to get his suggestions in such condition.

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Basil can provide a number of health benefits to your dog if consumed moderately. It can help in reducing the problem of arthritis experienced by most dogs. Some of the high quality certified multivitamin organic supplements specially made for dogs include basil along with dandelion, asparagus and turmeric due to their healthy properties.

Health Benefits Of Basil For Dogs

In case your dog has accidentally eaten basil leaves grown in your backyard, you should not panic as he may not face any health problem due to eating its leaves exclusively. Basil is known for its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antivirus and antioxidant properties. In other words you dog will have various health benefits from eating basil leaves as along with preventing arthritis its leaves also help in preventing fatal diseases of pets like cancer etc.

So there is no reason to avoid to add basil leaves, dried or fresh, in your dog’s diet as it is one of the safest herbs for him. Other health benefits of basil for your dog may include:

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Prevention of cell damage: If your dog is suffering from the problem of damaged cells then basil can help in protecting him along with preventing further damage of his cells. It can destroy free radicals causing cancer and cell damage due to its antioxidant property.

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Lowering the risk of cancer: Basil can also help in preventing the occurrence of a number of serious pet diseases like various types of cancers due to the presence of high amount of antioxidants in it.

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What About The Health Benefits Of This Herb ?

Health issues linked with aging of the dogs like senility, heart problem and arthritis can also be prevented by including moderate amount of basil in in their routine diet.

Relieving arthritis: Due to its anti-inflammatory properties basil can also help in protecting your dog from the effect of arthritis. In case of mild arthritis you need not give painkillers to your dog as inclusion of basil in his routine diet can help in controlling the pain considerably.

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Calming the dog: If frequent family trips, fireworks, car rides etc. make your dog anxious or nervous then instead of giving him sedatives you can add basil in his food. The calming effect of basil leaves is much safe than many medicines prescribed by your vet.

Many certified calming supplements for dogs include basil to decrease the level of their stress hormones as well as the anxiety level of your dog.

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Side Effects Of Basil For Dogs

  • As some dogs are allergic to herbs so you should monitor your dog, especially while giving him basil for the first time, to know whether he is allergic to it or not.
  • Normally basil is used in human foods uncooked, regardless of its quantity. So if you feed your dog the scrap food even then you should observe him for allergies.
  • If you are including basil in your dog’s food then you should give in moderate quantity even if it is safe for him as its excessive use can be harmful for him.
  • Being fibrous plant basil can cause gastrointestinal problems like vomiting, diarrheic and upset stomach to your canine due to their sensitive and allergic nature for certain herbs.
  • If your dog is allergic to herbs then while giving him basil you should observe if it causes skin problems like itching or redness and breathing problem to him. In case of allergies you should immediately consult your vet.


After going through this write-up it can be concluded that basil is not bad for dogs if consumed in moderate amount. Though several spices and herbs can be harmful for the dogs but basil is considered as one of the safest herbs for dogs due to its antioxidant, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. In other words basil can improve the health of your dog instead of making harm to it if consumed moderately.

You cannot know whether your dog is allergic to basil or not unless you give him to basil mixed food to eat. If he does not show any allergic symptoms then you can add basil in his routine diet, but in limited quantity. You can give your food scraps containing basil to your dog or mix limited amount of chopped fresh or dried basil leaves in his routine diet to give him the health benefits provided by this herb.