Is Orange Juice Bad For Dogs : An Owner’s Guide To Vitamin C

Can Dogs Drink Orange Juice

Is orange juice bad for dogs. A significant number of us don’t consider giving organic citrus products to our dogs since we don’t think they would like the acidic taste. While a good number of cats don’t like oranges and different citrus natural products, dogs like them. Since orange juice isn’t harmful to puppies, giving them once in awhile is not bad even though it isn’t a thing that they frequently require.

Many dog owners always have it that water is too plain and that their pets must get exhausted drinking water every time, particularly when there are other sound refreshments that taste good than water. You may be confused, can dogs drink orange juice and, provided that this is true, is orange juice harmful to dogs? In fact, dogs can drink orange juice, yet that doesn’t imply that they truly require it in their weight control plans.

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Is Orange Juice Bad For Dogs: Is It Risky

Orange juice will not add much to your dog`s immune system as it does to human beings, so it isn’t going to profit them that much. Precisely, Orange juice isn’t toxic or risky for dogs as long as they don’t drink excessively. Propylene glycol has been considered an ingredient that one should be careful of ingesting. As this ingredient has been linked to anti-freeze. As a dog eat and consume various juices to include orange juice you want to ensure that this ingredient is not part of the dogs diet. A dog digestive system can be impacted if ingested. Coffee tea and other beverages that has this ingredient should be careful as well.

Instead of giving your dog juice you may want to be looking into providing your dog with essential vitamins and minerals to support her/his overall health one product that was beneficial to me was Essentia you can get more information by going here

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Foods for dogs that contain fruits and vegetables should be mindful of what your dog is eating and it is a good idea with regards to a dogs digestive system that it does not have oxidative toxins. Dogs orange juice in small amounts will could potentially be toxic to dogs however if safe for dogs who don’t consume it. A dogs immune system is used to fresh water without any natural sugars.

While juice may seem fun to feed your dog a better alternative will be giving them liquids that they can benefit from, there are beverages on the market that provide 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition for dogs in researching we found this brand to be very beneficial.

is orange juice bad for dogs

The amount Of Orange Juice That Dogs Can Have?

Giving your dogs orange juice a few times each week is safe, even though it should be some sips. The issue that may arise by giving too much orange juice to your dog is the other additives it may contain. Orange juice more especially the packaged one may contain natural sugars, yet a few producers additionally add more sugar to make the drink sweeter. If you have decided to give your dog this juice ensure that you check the additives to confirm that there are no additives that can be toxic or harmful to your dog.

Another alternative to giving your dog juice is giving them liquids that is made without grains, corn, wheat, or soy, and has no artificial flavors most consumers found this drink to be nutritious and delicious.


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Some dogs can have a problem with citric acid. A good number of dogs can process or digest orange juice comfortably. However the citrus extract can be harmful to a few dogs, some the problems that may come up are; diarrhea, vomiting and stomach complication. Moreover, the citrus extract may cause a burning sensation when canines defecate because of their stools being acidic. Always avoid foods and drinks with citric acid because they damage your dog`s teeth enamel.

If it happens that your dogs do not experience any complications with orange juice after giving them, then you can utilize it as a treat, but don’t give them too much. Thus, if in the morning you are taking a glass of orange juice, it will be better to share with your dogs even though it is not going to help them that much. It wouldn’t give a considerable measure of nourishment to them, yet it wouldn’t hurt them either.

is orange juice bad for dogs

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The Benefits of Orange juice for Dogs

Orange juice is important to dogs as it is rich in vitamin C and it has nutrients that the dog can benefit from. Dogs tend to suffer from stress due to excess exercising leading a low production of vitamin C by the dogs liver. Therefore it is important if you provide orange juice to supplement the vitamin C and at the end, you will be enhancing good health to your pet.

Oranges also have nutrients that are known to positively improve the dog’s immunity level. Vitamin C can also be used to combat harmful toxins that may have been consumed by the dog such as the propylene glycol or oxidative toxins.

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Some Negative Aspects of Orange Juice

Orange juice contains a lot of benefits that are important for the dog’s development; however, there are some side effects that come along with the serving of the juice to your dog. Blended juice is perfect to serve your dog but the manufactured one has a lot of sugar, and the level of acidity is also high which may be very harmful to your canine pet.

The dog will be likely to develop stomach problems if the uptake of the sugar and acid is high in the juice. If the acidity uptake is high for a long time, the enamel will be affected by the sugars as well, and it will lead to loss of the dog’s teeth over time. Orange juice has acid in it, and if the dog consumes it for a long period, it may suffer from a sensation that is itchy and burning due to acid present in the stool when defecating.

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Do not make it habit of giving your orange dog beverages, instead give it other nutritional foods to supplement its diet. Dogs tend to eat from time to time, and therefore you should get a better diet to keep them healthy.

is orange juice bad for dogs

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Healthy Alternatives for Treats

When you want to give your alternative dog diets ensure that you consult your vet to be sure that you are giving it the right meal for healthy growth and well being of your dog. You can add bananas, blueberries, strawberries and apples to your dog’s diet to supplement orange juice intake as these fruits have the same nutritional value just like the orange. Start by giving your dog small amounts of these fruits and observe its behavior. If the dog seems not to enjoy the treat and it starts to diarrhea you should stop with the diet.

Dogs can be given beverages that are safe for consumption. However, formulated drinks should not be given to them. These drinks tend to contain substances that may increase or reduce the sugar levels in the canine’s body which may lead to the blood not being able to clot which may be risky to your pet. Ensure that your dog drinks a lot of water if it gets to drink the beverages accidentally.

Fruit juices do promote good health if well taken. However, the whole fruit juice intake should not be narrowed down to oranges only. Select the less acidic fruits, and you will realize that the dog’s diet does not mean that it has to be all about the meat and snacks that are meaty. A lot of fruits are good and healthy for dogs to feed on though some fruits like avocados and grapes maybe poisonous and should be avoided.

Other Liquids That You Can Give Your Dog

Normally, it is not advisable to give your dog fluids randomly to drink. Water and recommended formulas by your vet should be the priority to give your dog. Drinks like coffee, tea, sports drinks, juice and other substances that may contain caffeine should be avoided at all cost. These are some of the common fluids that dog owners regularly feed their dog without knowing the danger that they are exposing their canines to. The canines tend to be intolerant to lactose, thus giving them products with milk would lead to stomach complications. If you give your puppy some juice and it looks like dehydrated on in such of something to drink, get clean water and offer it to drink. The water should not be flavored or combined with any solvent to make a solution but instead use electrolyte supplement to rehydrate. Always get liquids that are not harmful to your dog’s health.

Always ensure that your dog has a balanced diet, these will help it to have all the minerals, and the vitamins that they need hence fruits will just be served once in a while. You can, however, serve your dog pet with fruits often if they do not resist and you will have a dog that is healthy and all playful wanting some more all day long.