K9 Dog Training Programs Reviewed

Though dogs all over the world serve mankind in different manners but some of them serve mankind more than other dogs after being part of police. Canine Dog training is a training program that trains police dogs to handle a number of important works like sniffing out the bombs or drugs, patrolling in sensitive areas and protecting their owner etc. In order to perform every work competently it becomes necessary to provide them different types of training to teach different types of skills.


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Steps to start K9 training

Choose the right dog: The training of police dogs starts at Canine Training when they are young puppies. The dogs of certain breeds like Malinois or German Shepherds are hereditarily trained for more important tasks like patrolling and protection from enemies etc. whereas Bloodhounds and Labradors have natural talent to be used for searching and finding out things like bombs and drugs etc. You can give right Canine training to the police dogs if you choose right dogs by using the natural talents of their breeds.


Personality of the dog: Another factor to be considered while choosing a right dog for police dog training is the personality of the dog. It must be calm, alert, smart and obedient by nature. They should not be anxious or shy as these features can make them dangerous by restraining their capabilities.


Socialization and obedience training: It is important to train the puppies decently, after their selection, for socialisation and obedience training so that they remember the basic fundamentals when they grow with time. They must be able to obey the basic commands with or without leash like stay, sit, go and come etc.


Consistent evaluations and testing: The puppies will be evaluated as each step of Canine dog training to see whether they can pass the test or not. They cannot be allowed to move to full fledge dog training program unless they pass the preliminary tests.

Full Canine dog training program: The full training program under Canine dog training includes various types of tests in various circumstances. The dogs under training should be able to perform in loud messy environment, with least guidance and under stressful conditions. So, repeated simulations can be the important part of their training program. They are trained to face certain situations again and again like chasing the fake bad guys trying to escape, doors are banged, cars screech and guns are fired like the scenes normally found in movies.


Keeping things pleasurable: Like any other dog training program, the program of Canine dog training is also kept pleasurable as much as possible so that the dog can take all these hazardous situations as part of a game. The dog will not lose interest in the training program if it is full of fun.

Champions of scenting: The dogs usually appointed for police tasks must have unique skills of scenting so that they can search the bombs or drugs or chase the suspects. So they are provided special training with a focus to help them in distinguishing the things they have to chase. For example, the trained dogs must be able to differentiate between the smell of burgers and French fries and the smell of cocaine if they are used by anti-narcotic department.


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Purchased dogs for police: Sometimes already trained dogs are also purchased for performing police tasks. The focus of Canine dog training in such cases is on developing a bond between the new master and the dog. The master of the dog must be trained to understand the knowledge that dog has attained earlier and adjust the dog wherever essentially required so that the dog can understand and obey the commands of the new master.


Constant training process: The Canine dog training of police dogs never ends. They have to continue their training every time so their special skills will be needed consistently to continue their, when they are not on police duty. The partnership of the dog and his master is forged continuously as they have to live together every time. This thorough training and bonding between the dog and his master have shown amazing results in various police tasks whether it is related to find our bombs in public, save the life of his partner or hunting a suspect. They have to use their natural knowledge and specialized skills every time.

k9 dog training

Some other surprising facts about Canine trained police dogs


  • German shepherds were the first Canine dog breed used by New York City police in 1907 as patrol squad. They were also used in both the world wars, Vietnam War and Korean War due to their super intelligence, ethical working style and size. Belgian Malinois is the second popular breed of police dogs since long due to the similarities of their skills with German shepherds even if they are sleeker and smaller than them. Belgian Sheep-hounds, Bloodhound and Akitas, are the other dog breeds used as K9 police dogs.


  • The career of K9 Police Dogs lasts not more than 6-8 years as they are not supposed to be active enough for police tasks. In exceptional cases, some dogs have served police department actively up to 10 years also. These dogs learn a number of skills during their tenure in canine dog training program with police.


  • The dogs trained under Canine dog training program can distinguish between twins looking identical which is sometimes hard even for their parents. According to various experts, the trained dogs use their nose to differentiate between the similarly looking twins.


  • The smelling sense of K9 trained dogs is minimum10, 000 times more than other dogs even if they have better smelling sense than humans. In fact, the noses of the dogs have smelling sensors. A part of the air they breathe in goes to their respiratory system and rest of it is received by their smelling sensors to help them in identifying different things.


  • A well trained police dog can find out a person buried underground up to 12 feet deep with his smelling sense.


  • The accuracy of searching an area of K9 dogs is four times higher than humans because humans use their eyes and hands only whereas dogs use their noses also to find the thing by its smell.