L Dog Names : Over 20 Wonderful Choices

L dog names ? Although picking the right name for your dog can be a challenging task if you have a few tips, examples, and guidelines, it can be easier.

When choosing a name for your dog, make sure it’s simple. You should also consider the input of your family members, especially the kids. Additionally, you should give your puppies names in the first few.

Girl Dog Names That Start With L : 15 Hot Choices

Female dog names starting with L

When selecting a name for your girl puppy, it should somehow sound diva or girly. You can also consider her hair’s color and personality to come up with a unique name. Take time to research before settling on a name.

If you’re in search of a name that starts with letter L for your lovely female pooch, you’re in the right place; we’ll share a few notable names and thief meanings and leave the task of picking the best name for your female puppy to you.

Girl Dog Names That Start With B: 50 To Choose From

Larta — this is a Russian name that means” from the ancient city of Larisa.”

Liberty— if your pet loves to roam around you can give them this name that means freedom

Lacey — this is an ideal name for a pretty and delicate girl

Leona— this name will be a perfect name for a courageous and brave girl; it’s a Latin name meaning “lion.”

Libby — this is a Hebrew name meaning “God is a vow.” It’s also a synonym for Elizabeth.

Lolly — it stands for a candy; if you puppy girl is as sweet as candy, this is the right name for them.

Lila — if your girl is a perfect match for you, you can use this name that means “good.”

Lylic — this is a French name meaning a style of poetry or words of a song. If your girl is too entertaining, this name suits them.

Lindiwe — it’s a Zulu name that stands for “who we waited for.” This is a name you can give to a pet that has survived against all the odds.

Lwande — if your girl can’t get out of the water, this name will be perfect for them. It’s also a Zulu name meaning “the ocean.”

Male Dog Names That Start With B : 30 Names Oh My

l dog names

Male dog names starting with L

Male dog names should portray some aspects of masculinity. Consider the following names for your male dogs.

Lamont — if you believe your dog is a law enforcer, you can give them this name. It’s a Scottish name that means ‘a lawyer or a man of law.’

Lance — this is an ideal name for a guard dog. It’s a short form of

Lancelot, and King Arthur coined it. It refers to a regretful knight who was the king’s pal and also his best swordsman.

L Names For Dogs: 30 To Choose From

Lad — if you canine seems ever young and energetic, this name will be their perfect match. The name means’ young man.’

Laser — a well-coordinated and super-fast canine can have this name. It refers to a thin device with a concerted beam.

Larry — it’s a Latin word that means’ crowned with laurel.’ It’s also the name for the great TV host Larry King.

Lazaro — this is a Spanish name that means ‘God’s helping hand.’ If you consider your canine to be quite helpful, then this name will fit best.

Legend — it’s a perfect name for a heroic male canine. The name refers to a story that has been passed down the generations.

Leen — if your dog is too friendly and sensitive, this name will be ideal for them. It’s an Arabic name that means ‘tender.’

Leopold — it’s an excellent name for a fearless canine. In German, it refers to ‘bold people.’

Girl Dog Names That Start With R : 5 You Can Use

beginning with

Leonard — it’s a Germany name that means’ like a lion’ or ‘a lion.’ The name is perfect for a courageous and brave dog.

Liko — if your pet is eager to learn to name them Liko. This is a Hawaiian name that stands for ‘a bud.’

Lloyd — this name is ideal for a grey male dog. It means ‘grey.’

Lindani — if your dog can guard you home for hours without tiring name them, Lindani. This is a Zulu name that means ‘being patient.’

Louie — if you canine is independent and daring, this will be a perfect name for them. It means ‘war or fame.’

Lobo — this is an excellent name for a large wolf-like dog. The name is Spanish, meaning ‘a wolf.’

Lucas — this is a biblical name meaning ‘luminous white.’ If your male dog is white, then this name will be perfect for them.

These are some names that you can use for your girls and boys. As you have seen, each name is descriptive and has some meaning. You should not give your dog a name without considering its meaning. You can find the perfect and popular dog name.