L Names For Dogs: 30 To Choose From

L names for dogs ? Undoubtedly, many dog owners desire to give their dogs names that are not only unique but also easier to remember. It will be sad to call out the name of your dog in a crowd only to end up with hundreds of them by your side.

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Taking time to explore and even understand what name is ideal for you will often come in handy for you. One of the striking options that you will find valuable to consider in this regard will often be names starting with letter L.

But, how do you know that this name is ideal for your friend? We take a look at some of the unique names that come with L as their initial letter. S

• Names that appeal to Personalities

Often, you will want a name that tends to identify with your personality or that of your dog. Depending on what traits you usually accentuate, it will be valuable to consider something that is easier to remember but comprehensively defines your dog.

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Names such as Loki will often be ideal for you if you want to highlight how mischievous your dog could be. It usually means the Norse god of mischief. You could also consider the name Leon or Leonard for a dog that tends to be quite serious.

If you are quite religious, Lucas, Lemuel, and Lazaro could be ideal for you. The latter is a name that implies the help of God. Undoubtedly, some dogs are gracious and quite tender.

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What names could be better than Leen and Lanford? Lanford is a name commonly used to mean that the owner is a suitable or perfect match for an old soul. For this reason, it will be ideal for pets that you get while getting old. Find the perfect popular dog name.

• Exotic Names

Various people will often want to name their loved ones after people or things that tend to highlight foreign cultures. For as long as you are after a pet name that bears an association with a culture different from yours, you should not shy away from the following names.

Lacy, Lacey, Lady, Laila, Lama, and Lancer are some of the names that you will hardly resist. You will also find it suitable to consider monikers such as Larry, Larsson, as well as Lasca.

Do you mind naming your pet Laurel? What a sweet exotic name it can be! If you want to be specific with culture, you will find Lenny which is Germanic, Lael from the Hebrew, Lennart, which is a Swedish name for lion, and even Lazar that bears Serbian descent.

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• Cool names for your dog

Often, you will want your dog to appear relatively cool. Usually, pets come with a specific energy that tends to make them exceptional. Unless you get a cool name, you are likely not to prove how much it means to you or why you chose it.

Going for names such as Lyric, Lancer, Lux, Lyon, and Lunar will be essential in highlighting this aspect. Some people will love monikers like Liberty, Lox, and Levi.

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• Sweet Female Dog names

Classically, you will appreciate a name that is both feminine and appealing. It will be valuable to consider names such as Livvy, Labelle, Larissa, and Laurie. You could also go for Lolly or Lily. These names are not only sweet but also relatively exceptional.

• Masculine names for your dog

Nothing could be as impactful as the essence that comes with having a dog whose name epitomizes masculinity. These names usually show that the dog is both strong and masculine. Opting for names such as Lex, Leonardo, and Larry will often be helpful. You could also choose Logan, Linus, Lent, and Lars.

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• Most common name starting with L?

Ever heard of the name Lassie? Well, this is one of the most famous dog names you can ever get. It first came into the limelight after a US TV show that portrayed one of its actors, a dog named Lassie, as the ultimate family dog. Feel free to consider it too. S


Naming your dog is a choice that often depends on what you prefer, love, or want to highlight. However, there can never be a sweeter name than that which starts with L.

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