Low Carb Cat Food: 5 Things To Pay Attention Too

Low carb cat food ? If you own a cat and want him or her to be healthy at all times, then you already know that you have to get them the right diet. This is especially true if you want to prevent or manage feline diabetes. Combining the right kind of diet with the recommended medication can even make it possible for a newly diagnosed cat to recover fully from diabetes.

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To ensure that your cat is healthy at all times, you should consider feeding them on a low-carb diet. This type of diet is one in which the carbohydrates contribute to less than 10% of the total calories. Some cats won’t have any issues even when more than 10% of the calories in the diet come from calories.

However, if your pet has feline diabetes, a useful rule of thumb is that the lower the carb content, the better for your cat. But how do you choose the best low-carb cat food? It’s quite easy if you consider the following tips:

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1. Check the nutrition facts label

Since cats are carnivores, their food must have some animal protein and fat. The fat content, however, should not be as high as the protein content.

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The reason why the food should contain the right protein amount is that the nutrients (arachidonic acid and taurine) that your cat requires are only found in protein-rich foods. The most common protein-rich foods that contain these nutrients are turkey, chicken, beef, fish, and other meats.

2. Choose wet or homemade

Dry food is not the best choice when feeding your cat; canned or wet food is. This is in consideration that wet low-carb cat food contains a higher amount of moisture.

This is a good thing since it’s not common for cats to drink water on its own. Besides, wet foods have a better scent and flavor which makes them more enticing compared to dry foods.

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The only challenge you can expect to face when feeding your cat on wet food is that this kind of food has a tendency of going bad faster compared to dry food.

However, this makes it the right choice if you want to control your cat’s feeding behavior. An even better alternative to wet food is homemade food since you get to determine the nutrient content.


3. Pay attention to the life stage

Cats have varying nutritional requirements depending on several factors. One of the most important factors to consider when determining the nutritional requirements of your cat is the life stage they are in. Selecting the appropriate low-carb cat food enhances your pet’s growth and reproduction.

Even though kittens will also benefit from feeding on a low-carb diet, their probability of being diagnosed with feline diabetes is quite lower. 

The nutritional label of the food should guide you on which food you want to pick depending on the life stage of your cat.

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4. Avoid grains in cat food

Grains are not bad for cats. The only problem is that they have high carbohydrates content, which is why they are not a good choice for your cat, especially if he/she is diabetic and overweight. The best food for cats is the one that has low carbohydrate content and rich in protein.

5. Get some advice from your vet

The best thing you can do if you want to choose the most appropriate food for your cat is to get some assistance from your vet.

They will recommend the nutrients that should be in your pet’s food depending on factors such as the breed, weight, health condition, and others. Be sure to stick to the diet guidelines or recommendations given to you by your vet.

Final thoughts

Feeding your cat on low carb cat food is the best thing to do whether or not they are diabetic. The good thing is that there are so many brands to choose from.

Before buying food for your cat, be sure to read reviews from other buyers. That way, you can make a more informed choice to avoid regrets after buying the product.

High protein low carb is all the rage today and many humans are about that life, also when it comes to pets they are making the transition as well. Fatty acids are essential that cats loved especially in high quality which can be found in dry cat food.

But as a pet owner you have to mindful if you have a diabetic cat this can have sensitive stomachs which is why the need vitamins and minerals. Our feline friend sometimes eat wet cat food also again you want to watchout for your cat blood sugar levels make sure you have a top pick for freezed dried and grain free dog good.