Miniature Golden Retriever : The Origin of Small Dog

Miniature golden retriever ? Why is the most popular dog in America so small? Let’s say it conquers with the common saying that good things come in small packages.

Most people refer to this breed as the ‘comfort retriever’ due to the activeness. They have a 10-15 year’s life span. Overall, the Miniature Golden Retriever is fun, active, jovial, and love attention. In this article, we will look into detail all you need to know about your furry friend.

The Origin of Miniature Golden Retriever

The breed that is now very popular in the States bred first in the 2000s. Some people claim that Kathy Burgess was the first person to breed this dog. The Miniature Golden Retriever is a crossbreed of Golden Retrievers and Poodles.

In some rare cases, it might be a crossbreed of cocker spaniels. The Comfort Retriever is a designer breed hence does not gain recognition from the American Kennel Club. However, they are still a boom, and many families across America love them. Now, let’s look at some of their physical characteristics.

Their Appearance

The Comfort Retriever is selectively bred to enhance its physical appearance, yet keeping its size small. Since it is a crossbreed, there may be variations in its physical appearance due to varying genes of the parent breeds. One common feature is that they have a long muzzle, straight, and floppy ears. Let’s look at the specific characteristics;

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Height and Weight

There is no standard height or weight measurements for the Miniature Golden Retriever, but you expect them to be smaller than the pure Golden Retriever breed. They have a height of 14-20 inches and a weight of 20-45lbs.

miniature golden retriever


The Comfort Retriever can have varying golden coat colors, similar to the Golden Retriever. These colors may range from cream, reddish-gold, and white.


The dog has a medium coat length. The coat can be firm, and wavy but often, you will find them to have soft and curly coats. Also, some may have a double coat. Note that all this varies according to the genes of the parents.

Their Personality and Temperament

Overall, the Golden Miniature Retriever is calm, friendly, and smart. This dog has a high intellectual capacity, very friendly, and loyal thus can quickly bond with a new family. The dog is naturally a retriever hence like playing fetch a lot. Due to their intimate nature, they can easily socialize with new people and other pets.

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Enough of the positive, they bark every time they see a new person or hear an odd voice. They are very friendly hence not reliable as a guard dog. Also, this dog is prone to chew anything around, caused due to boredom or stress.

How to Train a Miniature Golden Retriever

The Comfort Retriever is intelligent hence very easy to train. You can start training your puppy immediately it arrives at home. Start initial training by socializing your puppy with other dogs and pets, a stroll on the park, etc. During practice, try positive reinforcements such as meal treats, and toys to enhance their performance. Note that they don’t love scolding, so if possible, try to avoid it. For instance, you can provide them with distractions to remove behaviors such as chewing and barking.

How to Take Care of a Miniature Golden Retriever

A Comfort Retriever suits active families that will give it the attention it wants. They are delicate hence requiring good care. Here are some of the guidelines for taking care of a miniature.

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The Miniature Gold Retriever is very active, thus requiring regular exercise to keep them healthy. They need about a 90-minute exercise routine per day to prevent bad behavior and boredom. Some exercise routines include playing fetch and walks. Put them on a leash before you are confident they can obey your commands.

Shedding and Grooming

This dog requires proper grooming. Bathe them frequently and brush them to remove matted fur and debris in their coats. Clean their teeth and clip nails often. If you have trouble grooming, source services from a vet.

Miniature golden retriever puppies sometimes has eye problems and dog owners need to ensure they get a reputable breeder. Make sure it is a manageable size, a petite golden retriever or standard golden retrievers are small size dogs and is a smaller version and ensure that it is also family friendly.

Also sometimes they have health issues but there are also easy to train. Health problems can be worked through with plenty of exercise. A smaller size can be a comfort retriever however if it has hip dysplasia you will need to get a comfortable bed for the dog to lay on. Small dogs are eager to please and they are also good therapy dogs. A dwarf golden retriever is a good pet as well.