My Dog Ate Sunflower Seeds Should I Be Worried

Are sunflower seeds bad for dogs ? Dog’s diet highly contributes to its health status, and it’s thus crucial that you be careful about everything that you feed your canine friend.

Your dog will tend to come close by you when you are taking some snacks, and you may be tempted to give them some, but you tend to wonder if they are right for their health.

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Sunflower is one of the common snacks you will frequently buy at your home, and you could be wondering if it could be dangerous you your dog.

My Dog Ate Sunflower Seeds Should I Be Worried And Why ?

The sunflower seeds contain elements such as fatty acids, proteins, minerals, and vitamins, which are very nutritious in the body.

You may, therefore, wonder if it is right to let your dog enjoy the sunflower seeds too. This guide is thus meant to help you know if it is safe and healthy to expose your dog to the sunflower seeds.

my dog ate sunflower seeds should i be worried

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Are Sunflower Seeds Bad For Dogs ?

Yes, it is okay to share your sunflower seeds with your dog. However, there may be factors to consider before feeding your dog with the seeds. Check on the preparation method used, the ingredients added, and how you serve it as well.

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Sunflower seeds contain low amounts of saturated fats, iron compounds, vitamins E and B8, and selenium as well. These nutrients can play a significant role in promoting the proper growth of the dog and also reducing the cholesterol amounts in the body.

my dog ate sunflower seeds should i be worried

This, as a result, reduces increases body, metabolism rates hence making the dog more active through the increased body functions. Sunflower seed oil is full of vitamins that dog owners love. So dogs eat sunflower seeds as well, make sure though shelled sunflower seeds. Make sure you give them in small amounts which is good for their skin and coat.

are sunflower seeds bad for dogs

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The seeds can thus be safe if you do not add any flavors to them, such as butter or cheese.

Salt is also poisonous, and you should avoid such additions while preparing the sunflower seeds. After getting the seeds ready to ensure that you remove all the shells before you can feed the dog. The shells may chock the dog and also hard to digest.

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The seeds have no adverse effects on the dog, not unless you tend to add the flavors discussed earlier on. You should also have a proper way of serving the sunflower. You can even opt, giving it one by one seed if you do not have a fixed schedule. This would prevent the dog from choking,

How much sunflower seeds should the dog eat?

For smaller dogs, consider 10-20 seeds and about 20-40 seeds for the bigger dogs once in a week. This may not be enough for them, but serving more of the seeds would result in some health-related problems.

Sunflower seeds contain high amounts of calories and fats, which may be harmful when taken in high amounts. If you need to add more quantities of the sunflower seeds, then you may need some advice from the specialist.

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If your dog loves the sunflower seeds, you can let them enjoy too as they mean a lot of benefits than harm has many have argued. They play a vital role in promoting their growth and as well as improving the metabolism actions.

However, you need to remember the preparation rules since flavor additions may result in some health problems.

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