Pet Insurance Pre Existing Conditions: What To Expect ?

Pet insurance pre existing conditions ? If you ask most people, they will tell you that they don’t even know if a pet has an insurance cover package. Many owners cover their homes, cars.

Children and spouses and forget one crucial part of the family. Our pets. And when they fall ill, we are forced to incur lots of money to seek treatment for them. Not knowing that we could easily cover them and avoid costly affairs.

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Pets are part of us, and just the way we love and care for ourselves, we should do the same for them. We have insurance for our health conditions, and for pet owners, they know that having pet insurance is an excellent cover for their companions. We protect them from anything that may occur in the future.

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But the question that a majority of people have been asking is whether or not pet insurance can cover pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing conditions are medical conditions that are already affecting the pet or are showing clinical signs before the date of your pet’s policy cover.

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So if your pet has a pre-existing condition that is curable and doesn’t show any signs of recurrence, then you may get a pet plan that will serve you right. For instance, if your pet has a broken leg before being insured, you will spend your resources covering the cost of treating the leg.

Still, if the after the cover the dog is diagnosed with Diabetes, then you will use the insurance to cover the condition that is the cost of treatment.

Just like any other insurance cover such as Car insurance. You receive the cover when the car has been accessed and found to be in great shape and as a result, can be covered, not the other way round — receiving cover after the car has been involved in an accident and crushed. In all covers, the item being insured has to be in good if not excellent condition.

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Pet insurance covers any future conditions and accidents. And that’s why the current conditions also referred to as pre-existing conditions aren’t covered.

Comprehensive coverage protects you from any new accidents, injury, and ill health as soon as you have enrolled your pet. You should note that the policy has a grace period, and during this period, the pet is not covered and will have to wait until the due date.

Pets are prone to injury and ill-health as they grow older and as a result, may require an insurance package that will cover them expertly. The insurance will save your pocket and relieve you of a lot of burden and stress of seeking treatment. Some of the things that you may cover your pet against are:

1. New illness
2. Accidents and Injury
3. Dental disease
4. Surgery
5. Specialized treatment
6. Diagnosis

Another main question that’s asked is about the hereditary and congenital conditions. Some pets are born with certain conditions that are hereditary and are found in the lineage.

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These pets will receive the coverage as long as it’s proven that the disease is genetic, and as long as the clinical signs were not present prior to enrolling in pet insurance.

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So the best thing is taking the cover very early in life. Don’t wait until the pet is fully grown, and then you look for protection. Avoid the pre-existing conditions by following the veterinarian’s recommendations with regards to nutrition, exercise, and regular checkup. So avoid the pre-existing conditions by following the manuals provided by the vet.

In summary, if your pet has a pre-existing condition, don’t you worry because you can get covers that will help you out in managing the disease. A pet owner that does not have any condition and doesn’t have a cover its advised that you seek a cover for them.

An insurance cover will go a long way in reducing the cost of treatment if the pet falls ill or gets an accident. But you should know that no pet insurance provider covers pre-existing conditions that are chronic.

During a period of time a pet insurance plan will need to know the medical history or pre existing condition of pet health insurance as well as incurable pre existing conditions for eligible for coverage.

The insurance agency will enroll your pet even if you have cruciate ligament during your waiting period it will insure your pet based on the medical conditions of the last 12 months.

Pet owners know that the cover of pre existing conditions could involve pet has a pre hip dysplasia which could be the condition is any injury and based on the terms and conditions.