Pet Wellness Plans : What Do I Need To Know About Them ?

Pet wellness plans ? Pet owners constantly must worry about the health of their dogs and/or cats. This concern is very important because no one wants their animals getting sick or even dying from bad health.

While pet health care is necessary, it is also expensive. Many pet parents sometimes cannot afford to pay for vaccines, neutering procedures and for deworming their animals.

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A pet wellness plan is designed to help pet owners to cover these medical costs. Keep reading to discover what are and how they can help you save money on pet care.

pet wellness plans


What is a pet wellness plan?

Pet wellness plans are designed for preventative and routine health care expenses for dogs and cats. This type of plan covers routine procedures that cats and dogs normally receive. A pet wellness plan usually includes:

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Rabies shots



Urinalysis or ERD

Flea/Tick Prevention

Examinations for Parasites

Teeth Cleaning

Heartworm Prevention

Many pet wellness plans are only for dogs and cats. However, some other animals such as rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, mice, iguanas and even snakes can be covered. Every organization that offers this service has different rules for their plans. However, most are not subject to waiting periods and there are not deductibles.

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If a service costs more than what a cover, the wellness plan will help to pay the medical expense up until the limit it offers for a service. For example, if a pet needs to be dewormed and it offers $100 for this service; then a pet wellness plan holder will have the pay the difference if they go to a place that charges more than $100 for deworming.

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Coinsurance is not required meaning that you will not need someone else helping to cover the policy. Annual limits do not apply on some pet wellness plans.

This type of coverage renews automatically, and reimbursement amounts are provided every year. Keep in mind that pet wellness plans are about preventing health problems through routine care. They are not for serious illnesses, surgeries or illnesses.

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What comes on a dog wellness plan?

A dog wellness plan helps pet owners to keep medical care expenses under control. When you have a puppy, that little canine will need routine health care.

With a dog wellness plan you can take your pet to the vet without having paying money out of pocket. Your pet wellness plan will typically have a monthly fee. As long as you pay your fee, you can take your pup to their scheduled appointments whenever they need care.

Pet Wellness Plans for Cats

Kittens also need routine health care to maintain a healthy life. Cats have the same needs as dogs in terms of health care. So, a pet wellness plan for cats is identical to the plans designed for dogs. This type of plan also offers same type of coverage for dogs.

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What is the difference between pet wellness plans and pet insurance?

Pet insurance is designed to cover major injuries or illnesses that a pet might experience. This type of coverage handles situations such as surgery or medical care for your dog if they develop a condition such as cancer. Pet insurance is for the big emergency situations that a dog or cat might experience. However, it normally doesn’t cover routine pet care.

Many insurers won’t cover routine pet care because it is not cost effective. They would constantly have to pay out money to policy holders and this wouldn’t make financial sense for this type of service. This is why they offer separate pet wellness plans. A pet wellness plan is more practical to use from a business sense.

Pet insurance companies can save more money by having policy holders paying an ongoing monthly fee. They’ll use this money to cover the routine pet care costs for pet wellness plan holders.

This way the insurance companies don’t have to pay out extra cash to cover routine expenses. So, that is why insurance companies normally offer pet wellness plans. They don’t want the added financial burden of covering policy holders routine care expenses.

You can get a pet wellness plan from an insurance provider that offers pet insurance policies. Some veterinarian organizations offer them as well. Pet wellness plans will vary in costs and coverage. Make sure you get the type that works best for pet and your situation.

Annual benefits such as pet health insurance comes with accident and illness in which insurance companies that offer dental cleaning and preventive care can help reduce vet bills and provide a care plan that pet insurance plans can pay out of pocket expenses while offering wellness plans that insurance and wellness plans can cover.