Pitbull Mastiff Mix : Are They Easy To Train ?

Pitbull mastiff mix ? Of all pets and animals living with man, the dog has always been our best friend because of its usefulness in providing protection, companionship, and loyalty.

However, finding the best dog can be quite a challenge, especially for the ones who are not dog lovers. Among the best breeds that you get around is the Pitbull Mix.


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Below is a detailed overview of the Pitbull Mix.

Which Breed is the Pitbull Mix?

Pitbull  has several ancestors because its parents are also high breeds. The main parents are the Pitbull and Mastiff breeds.

Pitbull is a breed of the terriers and bulldogs while the Mastiff’s ancestors include the Great Dane, English Mastiff, Bullmastiff, boxer, Neapolitan, Tibetan Mastiffs, and Rottweiler. Most Pitbull Mastiffs in the market are crosses of Neapolitan Mastiff with American Pitbull Terrier, and English mastiff with the American Bulldog.

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Their are large breeds such as mastiff dogs and golden retriever. Big dogs such as the pit mastiff are a very large size dog owners. They need lots of excercise for this breed of dog. The large dog and cross breed plays well with small children.

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Appearance and Traits of Pitbull  Mix

As highlighted above, the Pitbull  mix descends from different dog breeds. They are prone to inherit different traits from both parents. Both Mastiff and Pitbull breeds are fighting and guard dogs that have a masculine physique. The Pitbull mix inherits the physique.

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The breed has a nose which appears to have a square shape perfectly placed on a broad head which has droopy ears. Some of the breeds inherit the wrinkles on the face of a mastiff while some don’t. Shoulders are broadened, the neck is thick, and the coat is relatively short.

On average, the gigantic Pitbull Mix weights between 100-140 pounds. The average height of the dog lies between 25 – 29 inches. Coat color depends on the parents’ coats. Life expectancy falls between 8-12 years. The female breed appears smaller and lighter than the male breed


The personality of Pitbull Mix

The Pitbull mix dogs are heavy and bigger than most average sized dogs. The giant of a dog has an aggressive look which may intimidate your visitors that do not understand its true personality. They are generally loving dogs that love to be cuddled and being around people.

The parents of a Pitbull mix are known for their charming personalities. Pitbull and mastiffs are loyal, protective, and affectionate dogs. The Pitbull mastiff mix inherits these traits which become useful in times of bonding with your family members.

The Pitbull family is usually hostile to dogs that are unfamiliar to them. The Pitbull mix inherits the trait of intimidating the unfamiliar dogs. However, you can train it to become a social dog by giving it time to interact with other dogs from an early age.

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Grooming a Pitbull  Mix

Grooming needs of the Pitbull mix are quite lenient. The breed has a short beautiful coat that does not require daily brushing unless it is the shedding season. On regular days, you may only brush it twice or thrice throughout the week.

Bathing your Pitbull mix can be quite challenging owing to its massive size and energy. You need a spacious area to wash it all round. Unless the dog gets filthy, you can space the bathing episodes to be once a month. You can do it by yourself or hire a groomer.

You should brush his teeth after a fortnight. The nails should also be cut after they have grown too long. The nails need a lot of care. To avoid causing injuries to the nerve endings on the nail, you should have them cut by a qualified professional.

How to Train your Pitbull Mix

You need to apply some special skills in training the Pitbull mix. The Pitbull Mastiff breed is strong-willed and always seeking to be the alpha. You need to exercise some authority in order to establish boundaries declaring that you are the alpha.

Authority should be exercised through personality and gentle training. You should avoid punishments that exert physical pain as it can rebel. Appropriate motivation and reinforcement of behavior is important in training your Pitbull mix.

The dog is programmed to be loyal and protective of its owner. However, if you need it to be social, you should introduce it to humans and other pets. Take some walks to the dog park during the weekends. You can also enroll him/her in puppy classes to spend time around other breeds.

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Possible Health Problems of Pitbull Mix

The Pitbull mix is prone to attacks from the diseases that regularly attack their parents. As they grow older, their immunity weakens, making them vulnerable to attacks. The common conditions that attack the Pitbull mastiff breed are;

Kidney failure
Subaortic stenosis
Persistent pupillary membranes
Hip dysplasia
Cherry eye and Juvenile cataracts

Recommended food for Pitbull Mix

The Pitbull mix has a giant appetite which befits its size. A fully-grown Pitbull mix breed needs 2-3 meals a day. The recommended size is 4.5-6 cups of dog food. The meals should be well placed to avoid bloating. The diet should be well balanced enough proteins.

The protein content of the diet should be around 25-28 %. Calorie dense treats should be avoided as they may fuel chances of obesity. Dog feeds are available in the form of dry food, raw food, and canned meals. The choice depends on your preferences and choice.

How much does a Pitbull Mix Cost?

On average, a Pitbull mix puppy costs between $350 – $2000 if you purchase from a recognized vendor. Finding a reputable breeder is crucial if you need a quality breed and not a cheap breed. To locate a reputable breeder, you may seek referrals from your veterinarian or local breed clubs. Good breeders visit your home to find out your ability to take care of the dog. You should ask for his/her medical history during the purchase.

How to Care for Pitbull Mix

The Pitbull mix breed is a social dog that needs physical and emotional attention. Staying away from him/her might make your dog suffer from separation anxiety. You should interact with the dog on a daily basis in order to nurture its personality and happiness.

The dog is masculine, energetic, and playful. You shall have to let it give it adequate playtime every day. Exercise helps the Pitbull mastiff breed to avoid obesity. 45-60 minutes of daily exercise is quite enough for the dog though it can comfortably for more hours.

Advantages of having a Pitbull Mix

The Pitbull Mastiff is an excellent guard dog. It inherits the protective trait from both parents. It does not stand down while you are in danger unless you order it to stand down.
The dog requires moderate care. You only groom him/her once in a while. Brushing and bathing are only necessary after some days.
The Pitbull  mix is efficient for a family. It efficiently connects with family members. He/she gets affectionate and protective of each family member.

Disadvantages of Getting a Pitbull Mix

They are larger compared to most dogs. You shall, therefore, need to have a large house or home with a yard for its playtime.
It requires more of our time to stay healthy. We have stated above that the Pitbull mix suffers from separation anxiety if left alone without some company.

The Pitbull mastiff mix does not entertain the aspect of sharing space with other animals and dog breeds. You have to train it to coexist with other pets of yours and unfamiliar dogs.

The Pitbull mastiff mix has an intimidating look which makes it more effective for the guarding duty. The giant of a dog is of a soft personality which needs to connect with the outside world. If you have children, you should supervise they play sessions to minimize injuries to the kids.