Pitbull Pros And Cons : 3 Good And 3 Bad

Pitbull pros and cons ?

Pitbulls are good dogs with a bad reputation. These dogs are loyal but the media has portrayed them as violent dogs. These dogs can be stubborn and they will need a firm yet loving owner. There are some pitbull pros and cons that a person should know before getting this type of dog.

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Pro- Love their Owners

The Pitbulls are loving and they will be loyal to their family. They are patient around children and will love them. The dogs are playful and they will love to play and to cuddle with their family.

Cons-Dog Sensitivity

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pitbull pros and cons


Pitbulls can be raised with other dogs and with careful socialization they can get along with other dogs. If these dogs do get into a fight they will not stop. They do not have to be the ones to start the fight but they will not back down from a threat from another dog. If they do happen to get into a fight they may end up hurting the dog.

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Pro- Smart Breed

The dog is excited to learn new things and they are very intelligent. They are happy to make their humans proud. They like to spend time with their humans and will pick up on their habits.

Con- Owners Experience Breed Discrimination

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While the dog can love to cuddle at home they have a strong appearance and a loud bark. A person may have trouble getting homeowner’s insurance if they own a home. It may be hard to find a place to rent that allows these dogs. A person should look into this before getting the dog and being forced to give him up. That will be hurtful to the owner and the pitbull.

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Pro- Save a Shelter Dog

Pitbull often ends up at the shelter. Breed discriminations keep them out of homes. The shelter can determine if the dog has issues. Many healthy and sweet Pitbulls can be adopted from the local shelter. They are often spayed or neutered. The staff can tell a person the type of temperament that the dog has so there are plenty of dogs that can be adopted. The family will be able to get a new pet and save a dog from the shelter.

Con0- Strong Wiled

These dogs are strong-willed and it will take time and patience to train them. The dogs are powerful and they have a lot of muscle mass. If they are not trained as a puppy they may be hard to manage as an adult. If the dog does not have rules they can become stubborn.

These are the pros and cons of owning a pit bull. While these dogs can be loyal and affectionate a person needs to be prepared and educated on the breed discrimination that comes along with owning this breed of dog.

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When owning a pit bull their are legal liabilities if you are going to have them as a family dog. The homeowner insurance may cover the home owner however there is dog training that require a lot to prevent dog fighting with golden retrievers. The pros and cons for pit bull owners and their dog breeds is that the training program should provide help for the family member.