Pocket Pitbull : Interesting Insights You Need To Know About

Pocket pitbull ? When talking about Pitbull and size, pocket Pitbull is the breed that comes in mind. It is the appropriate dog choice for you if you want to own a Pitbull, but you are uncertain because of size.

Also known as mini Pitbulls, Pocket Pitbulls are similar to Pitbulls, albeit smaller in size. This breed, which has gained popularity over the years, is a hybrid. The miniature Pitbull is a crossbreed between Patterdale Terrier and the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Qualities of a Pitbull

Some of the noteworthy characteristics of a Pocket Pitbull are as below;

Easy Coat to Maintain-Pocket bullies are well known for their beautiful, shiny coat, which is easy to take care of.

Good Watchdogs-they make excellent watchdogs and companions as well. You can count on them to start barking at the sight of imminent danger.
Active Dogs-Pocket bullies need a regular dose of exercise because they are active dogs. You need to give them a fraction of your time for daily activities, such as play routinely.

Frequent Grooming-unlike other breeds of dogs, the Pocket Pitbull needs regular grooming to maintain their coat clean and beautiful.

Easy to Train-it is easy to train this dog because they have a tendency to please their owners. Pitbulls are generally easy to train compared to other dog breeds.

The lifespan of Pitbull-with proper care and regular exercise, your Miniature Pitbull can last nearly thirteen years
Height-mature male species can be as much as seventeen inches tall, with the female being an inch shorter.
Weight-Pocket Pitbulls weigh up to sixty pounds. Based on this, they are considered a medium dog

What Is Their Temperament?

Mini Pitbulls are known to be loyal, full of courage, playful, and also loving to their caregivers. Because of these attributes, they are protective of their owners, and you are guaranteed security walking with them.

There is a common misconception that Pitbulls are aggressive by nature. This is far from the truth because trained and adequately socialized pits make for loving pets ideal for the whole family. It is the ill-bred and unsocialized Pitbulls that are aggressive and intolerant to people.

pocket pitbull

How do I Feed a pocket Pitbull?

There are three kinds of doggy food that a mini Pitbull can eat for its growth, development, and overall health.

Premium Dog Foods-are available in supermarkets, groceries, and stores. Premium dog food has a high-quality standard and is rich in proteins and antioxidants. Pitbulls have an easy time digesting premium foods.

The disadvantage of premium dog food is that they are relatively expensive.

Raw Dog Foods-they are both organic and natural in nature. They include vegetables, pork, lamb, organ meat. Fresh fruits, eggs, turkey, salmon, and kelp are also types of raw dog foods ideal for a Pocket Pitbull.

Homemade Dog Foods-you can prepare home-made dog food using meat, vegetables, fruits or a blend of each. The advantage of home-made meals is that you can control the nutrient composition in your dog food.

You can also use dog supplements to enhance the Mini Pitbull’s muscles, maintain their physical health, or to add weight. Muscle Bully Brand is the best available supplement. However, you should not overly depend on supplements.

Is a Pocket Pitbull a Good Family Dog?

Yes. The Mini Pitbull is good with children owing to their loving and gentle nature. They are generally overly protective of their family. Nonetheless, with appropriate training and socialization, they can learn to be friendly to strangers too.


There is a plethora of colors of this dog variety to choose from. They can come in pretty colors such as brown, black and tan, blue, red, fawn. They also come in chocolate, white and seal, buckskin, or black brindle for you to choose. They may be solid in color or can have blue ticking or white markings.

Do They Bark A Lot?

This dog breed rarely barks excessively for no good reason. This is comforting, keeping in mind that frequent barking can be annoying.

When Not to Buy a Pocket Pitbull

It would be inappropriate to buy a Pocket Pitbull if you live in an apartment or have inadequate space and time to give this dog the daily physical activity it needs. However, a treadmill can effectively do the job.

A pocket Pitbull is the right pet for individuals who fancy a fierce dog that is small in size. If you are aspiring to be a dog owner, consider this hybrid, protective dog breed that is both gentle and tough-looking.

This parent breed is considered a designer dog with high quality and positive reinforcement. The mini pitbull and the american pitbull terrier are considered a smaller dog and the miniature pitbull are different dog breeds. The pocket pit is similar to the patterdale terrier.