Police Dogs Around The World Which One Is The Best ?

Popular police dog breeds ? A dog plays an important role that includes keeping you company, protection, and tracking down lost persons. For several years, dogs have been actively involved in police work in the USA and other countries.

Police and other law enforcement agencies train the dogs to sniff out narcotics, explosives, and bring down criminals. Getting the best dog for police work requires scrutiny of the most popular police dog breeds. This comprehensive guide explores the popular police dog breeds in different nations around the world.

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1. German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a popular police dog breeds. Police officers around the world widely use this breed in movies and real life. German shepherds are popular for being enthusiastic, fearless, fast, and smart. Their natural talent makes them highly trainable and adherent to all commands like a clock. Besides bringing down suspects, the dog can also sniff out narcotics and cadavers. A German Shepherd is considered an all-rounded police dog.

2. Beagle

Beagles started working with humans as highly effective gun dogs. This breed stands out for being small in size, making it easier to maneuver through stacks of luggage. A Beagle is quite popular for having a strong sense of smell, making them effective as sniff dogs. You can spot Beagles in the airport and other entry points as they sniff out narcotics and explosives. They are also swift, stealth, loyal, and obedient.

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3. Bloodhound

Besides the German shepherd breed, bloodhounds are the next most popular police dog breeds. A bloodhound has distinct looks and a strong sense of smell that can locate a need in a haystack. It is so much dedicated that it can pursue a scent trail for miles, in pursuit of a perpetrator or survivor. Hunters also prefer using the bloodhounds on hunting expeditions for its tracking capabilities. Bloodhounds are most ideal for search and rescue missions.

4. Boxers

Boxer breed has gained more popularity in the police force and military after being used in the first and second world war. The boxers were also used to convey messages between troops amid the crossfire during the world war. They are loyal, social, and stable, making them effective for police work in Europe. Being large, the dog is highly protective. The popularity of Boxers is declining due to their high vulnerability to certain diseases.

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popular police dog breeds

5. Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois breed is a relative of the German Shepherd, making them more ideal for the line of duty. The handsome looking breed is talented in adhering to command and keen intelligence that serves well in seeking out suspects.

This breed is slightly smaller than the German Shepherd but very swift in movement and responding to commands. They are also effective in sniffing out explosives and narcotics. The Seal Team has used it in high profile missions. The breed is also used by officers guarding the White House.

6. Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers were initially used hunting gun dogs for their role in sniffing out the game and retrieving it. Today, the Labrador retrievers are used by the bomb and narcotic units to sniff out contraband.

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Labrador Retrievers are the most popular policed dog breeds in the U.S. this bred is also used by officers in the harbor and airport to ensure that smuggling does not get through. For being loyal, intelligent, and friendly, a Labrador Retriever can also become a member of your family. Besides being masculine and energetic, the dogs can be very protective of you.

7. Doberman Pinscher

Like the German Shepherd, it is also popular for making high profile appearances on moves and T.V. shows. This breed has an intimidating look but is very friendly, protective, and effective in playing its role. Doberman Pinscher breed receives more training that is meant to improve his/her chances of enjoying time in the field.

They are courageous, intelligent, and beautiful. The dogs are rarely trained for a job that does not involve athleticism and sniffing in isolation. The athletic and physically fit dogs are effective in bringing a criminal down by the arm.

The list above highlights the most popular police dog breeds. Most breeds highlighted above are quite popular for their appearance in movies and T.V. shows. Slight differences between your dog and the police dog of the same breed might include differences in exercise, training, and dietary plans.