Pros And Cons Of Declawing Cats: 5 Lessons To Learn

Pros and cons of declawing cats ? What are the pros and cons of declawing cats? You need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of declawing cats so that you can make the right decision.

It is a process that involves surgically removing the claw from the cat’s paw. Vets remove the cat claws by removing the third as well as the fourth toe bones. It is a controversial procedure that some people perform while others are against it.

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The tendency of cats to scratch makes people resort to the procedure. Here are some of the pros and cons of declawing cats which you should know:

Pros of declawing your cats

Reducing scratching risk

Cats are kept at home where they play with other kittens and children. As a way of reducing the risk of the cats scratching children at home, homeowners can decide to declaw them.

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It is a reason which many people base their resort to remove the cat claws. You tend to make your cat safe if it has a tendency of scratching family members by removing its claws.

pros and cons of declawing cats


Making cats furniture friendly

Cats with a scratching behavior can pose a risk to your furniture. After buying expensive furniture, you will like to keep its upholstery intact as well as the cats. You will have to choose between keeping cats and avoiding the expensive furniture if the cats tend to scratch.

To preserve the value of your luxury furniture upholstery, you may decide to declaw the cats so that you can reduce the risk of scratching to the furniture upholstery.

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Declawing does not remove all cat claw functions

Functions such as walking, pad sensation, and climbing are left after removing the pad claws. The pet lovers would like to keep the normal functions upon removing the claws. Most people argue removing the claws will still leave the cat with the rest of its functions.

Improving cat relationships

When cats are declawed, they will not scratch people or other pets. They tend to experience improved relationships. Homes with multiple pets can resort to declawing cats as a way of enhancing their relationships with the family members and other pets.

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Cons of declawing the cats

Weakens cats defense

When the claws of your cats are removed, they well feel weakened in case of a threat. In some cases, cats may even become overactive when they know their self-defense is weakened. You will make your cat vulnerable upon removing the claws. If they are affected by other pets, they will not have a strong defense to protect themselves.

Behavioral issues

When the cats are exposed to the pain associated with the removal of their claws, they will develop bad habits. For instance, they may stop using the litter box due to the pain they experience as they move close to the litter box.

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It is a form of amputation

The procedure involves removing part of the cat’s toes. It is a form of amputation which will make your cat face challenges in her life. The act of removing the cat claws can be likened like removing someone’s fingertips. It will make the cat adapt to new ways of walking.

Can lead to arthritis

The process involves the removal of tendons from the cat’s claws. The removal of the tendons can expose the cat to arthritis. It is a painful process that will make the cat suffer a lot. Most people argue against removing the cat’s claws due to the amount of pain the cats have to go through.

Risk of health complications

The medical procedure the cats have to go through during the declawing process can make them develop other health complications. When taking into consideration the health complications which the cats will have to go through, it is even better to leave the cats to stay with their claws.

Due to cat behavior nail trimming for cat owners may provide a benefit to the cat according to American veterinary medical that laser declawing may help your cat.

Scratching post and nail caps can also curb feline behavior however you may need declawing surgery due to the behavior problems of your cat, cats like to mark territory however, they are alternatives to declawing.