Pros And Cons Of Getting Dog Spayed ? 3 Things You Should Know

Pros and cons of neutering a male dog ? It is until your male dog will start misbehaving with female dogs in the neighborhood or impregnating your female dogs that you will get bored by this issue of pet adoption. It would be best if you didn’t get to this level.

Cons Of Neutering A Dog

This is why we recommend that you have your male dog neutered. This is the far you can go since you cannot control the dog when he sees a female dog on heat.

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It does not, however, mean that neutering the dog is the safest thing to do. It might come with some cons that you might have to deal with. Have a look at some pros and cons that comes with neutering a male dog:

Pros And Cons Of Neutering Your Male Dog


1. Neutering reduces aggression

What makes your male dog aggressive is the amount of testosterone that gets produced majorly from the testicles. When the testicles are removed, there will be no more production of the testosterone. This means that the level of aggression will be reduced automatically. It might not totally do away with the aggressiveness.

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pros and cons of neutering a male dog




2. It reduces the risk of the dog being attacked

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You might not keep your dog indoors. This is the jangle in the dog, which must always be let out. At times you will have to walk along with your dog to admire nature together. At that time, other dogs can take note of your dog and attack him. This usually happens with dogs that are intact since they see each other as a rival. Without the testicles, your male dog will not be seen as a threat and so no attacks.

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Early Spay And Neuter Pros Cons Dog

3. It stops the dog from siring puppies

Once you have neutered your dog, it will not be in a position to sire puppies. Most dog pet owners tend to prefer to have both male and female dogs at home. However, this preference is limited to just two dogs. If the male dog is not neutered, the duo will keep giving birth. This is not something that anything that one can celebrate about.

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1. It might triple the risk of obesity

Neutering alters the normal hormonal make-up of the dog. One of the common changes is metabolism, which comes down. This means that if you continue giving the dog the same amount of food that you used to provide before the neutering, you might end up developing obesity. If you are to go for this, then you must reduce the amount of food, something that really might not be possible.

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2. It might cause hemangiosarcoma

Hemangiosarcoma is a type of cancer that is common in dogs. Research shows that the only thing that can control this type of cancer is testosterone. When the dog is neutered, the production of this hormone goes down almost to zero. The cancer cells can now conducive grow. Having a cancerous dog can be very disheartening. Neutering can be disadvantageous if this happens.

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Having your pet spayed or neutered as a dog owner is a to prevent a health problem, spaying or neutering your dog may cause weight gain or promote a enlarge prostate, there are many pros and cons and with general anesthesia you could prevent urinary incontinence and testicular cancer, female dogs has ovaries and a uterus, neutering male dogs may reduces the risk and side effects for pet owners. Early neutering can increased risk however there are pros of neutering your pet.