Pug Allergies: 5 Environmental Factors

Pug allergies ? Pugs are cute little dogs but they tend to have just as many allergies as humans. Pugs are a breed of dogs with high allergies but there are ways to reduce the risk so these dogs can be happy and healthy.

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Food allergies are the most common source of allergies in pugs. A change in diet can lead to sensitivities and will cause the dog to develop some allergy symptoms. Before changing their diet in any way a person should speak to the vet to see if it is safe.


Just like people pugs can have an allergic reaction to the changes of the season. They may be allergic to the pollen in the air during the spring and the leaves in the fall. A person should take precautions during the changing of the season to make sure their pug is comfortable.

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Topical Items

Some shampoos can use an allergic reaction in the pug. When bathing the dog be sure to use shampoo and other hypoallergenic grooming products. When bringing the pug to the groomer be sure the groomer is aware of any allergies.

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Certain flea medications can also cause skin irritation. When looking for flea and tick products be sure to ask the vet which ones are safe for pugs with sensitive skin.

Allergy Symptoms

There are some common allergy symptoms that pugs can experience. These symptoms include diarrhea, an upset stomach, excessive itching, sneezing and wheezing, coughing, and trouble breathing.

If these symptoms come and go or happen suddenly this can be a sign of allergies. These symptoms may also last for a long period. If the pugs have any of these symptoms the vet should be called.

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Hot Spots

Hot spots are common in pugs. This is due to the double coat of fir that they have. A hot spot may look like a sore and have a bloody appearance. They are commonly found on the back of the neck.

The hot spots are due to an allergic reaction. It can also be due to moisture that has been in contact with the skin for an extended period. Hot spots can be treated with a visit to the vet.

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Discovering the Source

To discover what is causing the allergic reaction a person should keep a daily log. They may note when the pug plays outside and how they act when they come in. They may write down how the pugs act after eating. This will help discover the source of the allergen so it can be treated.

Pugs make great pets but they are prone to allergies. A person needs to pay extra attention to the health of their pug so they can get the proper allergy treatment for the dog.

Pug allergies comes as a allergic reaction and could also have a yeast infection where the skin folds and the dog breed could also be allergic to dust mites with skin problems.

A pugs face as well as pugs suffer which is why you want them to have skin testing. Food allergies can also play a role with allergies symptoms and brushing you pug hot spots my offer some relief from suffering from allergies.

A cotton ball can help with moisture build along with ear infections. You have to becareful with your pet health because dog food could also cause skin irritation as well.