Puppy Pads Good Or Bad: 5 Pros And 3 Cons

Puppy pads good or bad ? Puppy pads are an excellent investment for dog owners who are away from the house for the better part of the day. If you plan to be away from home, it’s essential to look for ways to make your dog as comfortable as possible.

The pads are also suitable for dog owners living in apartments. Senior dogs that may have trouble peeing can also benefit greatly from the pads. Are potty pads goods or bad for your dogs? Let’s get the answers.

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Compared to puppy boxes and litter boxes, the potty pads are much cleaner. Additionally, they are easy to clean and dispose of. Thus they are an excel way for your dog to the bathroom when indoors.

Senior dogs and those with health problems can significantly benefit from these pads, especially if they have challenges going outside.

Most of the puppy pads have blockers and odor eliminators that help to counter the smell of the dog’s pee. Thus you won’t worry about the odor after the dog uses the pads.

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They are convenient and can be placed anywhere in the house. This makes it easy for the puppy to pee rather than running outside for the same purpose.

Easy to use. After your puppy/dog learns to use the pads, the cleanup process is easy. Once the pads are soaked with pee, all you need is to pick the pad and dispose of in the garbage bins. You won’t have the challenge of mopping your floor.

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puppy pads good or bad



Puppy pads can reduce your interaction with the dog. Since the pet is comfortable indoors, they have limited time playing outside the house.
The use of puppy pads can delay outdoor potty training.

When your puppy gets used to using the pee pads, they may have difficulties switching to outdoor peeing. Additionally, this may confuse when training the dog to pee outside.

Cost: Although we have reusable potty pads, most pet owners prefer the disposable versions that can be expensive. For example, you’ll pay $35to $50 for a pack of 100 pads.

The cost of these pads can make one to opt for cheaper options such as the crates.

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Lazy dog: your dog needs considerable exercise and outdoor activities to remain healthy and excited. When you train your dog to uses pee pads, they may spend most of their time indoors; thus, they’ll have little time for outdoor activities that keep them energized and busy.

Although puppy pads are a great innovation for training your dogs on potty behaviors, you must know when to use them. Since this isn’t a long term solution to your dog’s bathroom behavior, it should only be used when your dog can’t pee outside.

Dog owners train their dogs to use the doggy door and dogs learn in house trained multiple times a day to take potty breaks. An adult dog will need to pee or poop that is why it is an good idea to have a litter box.

Pet sitters can also spend time in potty training a puppy and using a pee pad it is a great idea and have the dog crate trained or toilet trained. Puppy pads and potty pads are useful for potty train your dog and have them pad trained as well.