Puppy Play Collar : Pros and Cons

Puppy play collar for pup play. There are several considerations you should have before you buy harness collar for puppy. First, the harness plays a crucial role in helping your dog stay focused. For instance, even if your dog pulls a lot, you will not expose it to injury if you use a harness instead of a collar.

There are different types of puppy harness available in the market, it is necessary to compare different brands of the harness available in the market so that you can make the right decision.

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For example, they can be made using different materials, it is necessary to take into consideration different factors so that you locate the best harness for your dog. Some of the pros you enjoy after you decide to buy a harness collar for puppy include the following:

Avoid injury as it spreads the pressure

The harnesses are made in such a way they will provide support from more than just the neck. There are different points of attachment to your dog; they pull from your neck and other areas such as the chest.

If your puppy is among those which pull a lot, you can prevent injury to the puppy due to the fact that the pressure is widely spread over the wide area. In most cases, puppies stand to pull a lot when you are first introducing them to collars or harness; the design of the harness avoids cases where your puppy can pull to an extent where it is injured.

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Greater control over your puppy

While controlling your puppy, you will not like to injure it. There are no cases where you can let the dog go due to fear of exerting too much pressure which can expose the dog to injury. With the harness, the pressure is spread to different points of contact to your puppy’s body which make the handling of the dog very comfortable.

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If you are introducing the pet to a collar, it can pull too much to an extent where you will feel like you are hurting your puppy. The design of the collar makes it possible for you to avoid too much pressure on your dog which can make the dog develop too much pain.

Front-attaching and back-attaching

There are two types of dog harness collars available. There are those which attach to the front while others attach to the back. If you prefer walking in front of your dog, you can opt for a front attaching system which can offer you great control over your dog.

The ability to attach your puppy to different harness points, it becomes very easy for you to handle your dog. There are also different brands and colors of the harness collar for puppy available in the market, it is necessary to compare different brands available and choose the best which can work well for your puppy.

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Helps the puppy to adapt to collars and harness

The harness is an effective training tool. It does not hurt your dog hence it makes it possible to introduce your dog to different habits. If you will like to start controlling your puppy, it is advisable to start with the harnesses. It is made in such a way it makes it easy for you to control your dog and train it to adapt to different traits which you consider preferable in your dog. They are designed to make the process of introducing your dog to different training very easy.

Great for specific breeds

There are some breeds of dogs such as pugs that can have their eyes popping out when pulled by the neck too much. But, that is not the case after you opt for the harness. It distributes pressure along the neck and chest hence avoids cases where your dog will be pulled to an extent where it will be exposed to injury. It is not a goods how walking around with your dog having sockets popping out, but the system makes the system very convenient for your dog.

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They keep distracted pups focused

There are some puppies which walk while distracted. It can be hard to control such puppies, but things will be very different after you opt for the harness collar for puppy. The harness is designed in such a way they will keep your dog focused as you walk. It makes dog walking activity very comfortable for your puppy. If you are introducing your puppy to walking, it is the right tool to apply.

For the case of walking dogs with short noises such as pugs, then you will have the process of walking the dog very comfortable. A dog which is guided by the harness walks comfortably. As a dog owner, you will prefer making your puppy happy and among the best ways you can achieve your dream is to have the puppy harness.

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Cons of harness collar for puppy

Although there are several benefits which can make you opt for the harness for your puppy, there are also several disadvantages which you should take into consideration as well. The advantages are many, but here are some of the cons you should consider as well before you make your final decision.

Cannot be used to tether your puppy

If you have a puppy and you will like to tether it, then you should use a collar instead of a harness. This is simply because using a harness can lead to tangling of your dog. It requires you to watch over the dog so that you can avoid cases where the dog will strangle itself. It is even worse if you are applying the harness on a puppy which is not sued to tethering.

You should not leave the puppy unattended

There are times when you will like to leave your puppy unattended and do other house chores. It is risky because you can return and find your puppy has been strangled. The harness has different points of contact to your puppy. If the puppy is left unattended, it can start playing and the several points of contact into your body can expose the dog to injury. It is necessary for you to opt for a collar if you will like to leave the puppy unattended.