Raw Cat Food Recipe: One Question You Need To Ask

Raw cat food recipe ? Raw cat food recipes can be infinitely varied as soon as you understand what is essential. Raw cat food is much healthier food for cats. One that will provide your cat with the healthiest immune system. However, in addition to being raw, it should also be quality food.

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I remember one person asking about raw cow hooves to feed their cats. This is not quality. Her cats would probably be in a worse position on this diet than commercial pet foods, although in most cases, this would be bad.

By quality, I mean human-grade meat. All pet foods are rejected for human consumption, whether due to their high-fat content, poor health, or other reasons. Dogs can handle yesterday’s meat. But cats can’t. Wild cats always kill and immediately eat their food. Which means it must be very fresh.

High fat makes your cat as good as you. Shish. The same goes for preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, flavor enhancers, and “nutrients.” When wild cats catch, say, a mouse, they will eat the entire mouse.

Raw Food Diet Delivery For Dogs And Pet Owners

This includes muscle meat, organ meat, bones, stomach contents, a lot. Thus, they get the perfect balance of all these products. You have to match this for the best raw cat food.

Adapting this as best as possible, from a personal point of view, the main muscle meat will be minced or diced lamb, beef, chicken, fish, or game. Organ meat is the liver, kidneys, heart, and brain. It is limited in the carcass. Therefore it should be less in a raw diet. For example, give the liver only once a week.

raw cat food recipe


Put, most people rely on marketing hype to base their decisions on the food they feed their pets, which is an entirely wrong source for making such an important decision. Take a cat for an example. It is not only a scientific fact but also a cultural one that the cat is described as an obligatory carnivore.

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This defines cats as creatures that receive most of their nutritional nutrients from the animals they hunt and consume (raw cat food). When a cat devours its prey, it eats everything, including not only muscle meat but also the brain, organ meat, and stomach, as well as its contents, which may consist of cereals and cereals.

One thing that she does not do is rekindle the oven and fry it, or bake her lunch, or prepare a good sauce to go with it. She eats it raw.


Cultural purists use this description as an argument that cat food bought at the store, mass-bought canned or dry cat food does a disservice to your cat by depriving her of the natural nutrients that she usually gets in raw cat food which she collects in the wild, and for which she was biologically developed.

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By making one meal a day with half muscle meat and half different types of organ meat, balance can be achieved. Having a second meal of the day, such as a chicken neck, half a chicken wing, or a whole small fish, you will make an ideal balance of nutrients. This is as close as possible to a natural, raw cat diet in the modern human world.

Why Feed Your Cat Raw Cat Food?

So why should you consider feeding your cat raw cat food? Well, firstly, it is more beneficial for your cat. When you cook, natural enzymes are destroyed. The food, of course, contains the enzymes necessary for the digestive system of cats. When your cat prepares, these natural enzymes are destroyed.

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Like humans, a cat’s body can produce enzymes, but its liver and other organs must work harder to produce enzymes that break down during cooking. Sweet foods naturally contain a protein called amylase to digest sugars. There are other enzymes found in raw foods for digesting fats, called lipase.

When cat food is cooked, these natural enzymes are destroyed, leaving food devoid of nutritional value. It has also been shown that many vitamins even break down during cooking.

Cats have been adapted to consume raw food for millennia in the wild. There, digestive systems work best with raw foods. Humans introduce an unnatural element into the diet of cats, preparing their food as if the cat were human. On this note, people can also greatly benefit from a raw food diet.

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Raw cat food can be prepared at home using ingredients that can be easily bought at the store. It only takes a few minutes every day and will be more beneficial for your cat’s health. If you don’t have time to cook raw cat food every day, consider buying a variety of raw cat food.

There are many homemade diets on the market for humans and cats. If cats to eat the proper diet food on that is a balanced diet with amino acid and fish oil. There has to be a medium between egg yolk and raw meat for an adult cat. C

Chicken thighs are good sources of raw meat, in addition to some cat food can come with a supplement slurry which can have dark meat and chunks of meat in it for the feline to eat. Commercial cat foods normally comes in dry food. In addition, some of this food can have salmon oil or lite salt with iodine and hot water.