Removing Pet Hair From Air: 4 Ways To Do It

Removing pet hair from air ? Pets can be loving companions. Dogs and cats like to cuddle and they can be good company. There is a major problem with these pets. The hair gets everywhere. These are some tips to remove pet hair from the air and making it easier to breathe.

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Limit Indoor Activity

Certain parts of the house should be off-limits to pets. If a person has a pet allergy they may need to keep the pet out of their bedrooms or guest rooms.

This will help keep the hair and the dander out of the rooms. There are also certain pillowcases and mattresses covered that will prevent dust and dander from getting on the bed which can help a person sleep better and breathe easier at night.

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 removing pet hair from air


Clean Often

It is important to clean the home often and regularly. Cleaning daily can help remove the amount of pet hair that gets into the hair. There are special vacuums that are designed to help remove pet hair even from the carpets.

The vacuum should have a good filtration system. This will trap the pet hair and keep it from getting back into the air. Floors are not the only things that need to be cleaned.

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Furniture and surfaces such as countertops need to be wiped down to remove hair. Hardwood or tile floors are easier to clean than carpets. Pet hair can get stuck in the fibers of the carpet and this will make it harder to remove all of the hair.

Brush the Pet

The home should be clean and the pet should be kept clean too. Loose hair on dogs and cats fall off and get into the hair. Brushing the pet will help remove this hair and will keep it out of the air. Pets will enjoy a relaxing brush too.

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When brushing it is important to do it outdoors. If brushing the pet inside any hair that is removed has the chance of getting into the air. If it is cold or raining and the pet needs to be brushed indoors put a towel under them to catch most of the hair that comes off.

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Bathing the Pet

While it may be hard sometimes it is important to give the dog or the cat a bath at least once a month. There are some easy ways to do this. Some groomers will do this at pet shops.

There are even pet stations appearing at car washes that have a special indoor room for bathing a pet. There are special conditioners made for the pet that will keep them clean, remove dander, and remove extra hair. Once the pet has dried they should be brushed again to remove any loose hair.

These are some tips to keep pet hair out of the air in the home. This way a person can still love and cuddle with their pet without having to worry about breathing in their hair.

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As a pet owner you can use an air purifier for pet hair that is in the air. A purifier for pet dander can help your pet from pet allergy for a cat and dog. It has the capability 0.3 microns and it cleans air II find and remove pet hair.

A family member may have allergic reactions to pet air and to get rid of pet hair, you can use a pre filter and air cleaner. A pet dander and pet hair can produce allergy symptoms. A true hepa filter can improve air quality and help against cat allergies because of an activated carbon filter.