Silver Lab : Interesting Facts To Know About Them

Silver Lab ? Are you a dog lover? If so, then you ought to have heard about the Silver Labrador Retriever alias Silver Lab. In this article, we are going to expose you to incredible insights about this beautiful but mysterious dog breed. Buckle up for a reality check into the life of this friendly, lively, and fun animal that qualifies for a great family pet.

Silver Lab Puppies Make A Great Family Pet

Origin of Silver Labs

Silver labs are believed to have come to existence in the 1880s. Dog owners shunned this breed at first because of its original black color. Before this breed became a household pet, people initially used it for hunting. Over time people discovered the temperament of silver labs and began domesticating for a myriad of reasons such as companionship, protection, sports, and so on.

This particular breed can live for up to fifteen years. In the beginning, Labradors were bred majorly to work as gun dogs. Important to note is that due to their workaholic nature, they are a high energy dog breed, and frequent exercise is crucial. Other than walking, they can be great running buddies when fully matured.

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Silver Lab Appearance

The silver lab is synonymous with any other Labrador, with the distinctive feature being the color of their coat. They have a broad skull, hindquarters, and chest. They also possess a thick tail and floppy ears.

Why the Silver color?

The coat color of Silver Labs tends to vary from silver, blue, or grey. The variations in color occur since their coat is a result of the dilution of their natural yellow color. This color comes as a result of the recessive gene they possess called the dilution gene. Named so because of its dilution effect on the dog’s coat color. An adult Silver Lab weighs up to 80lbs and slightly more than 20 inches in height

silver lab

Do Silver Labs Make Good Family Dogs?

Just like any other Labrador, Silver Labs are tremendous and rewarding pets ideal for the family. They are social dogs, and their friendly nature makes them patient with kids of all ages.

Similar to any other dog, you can train this dog breed through positive reinforcement, such as treats like food for good behavior. They are naturally friendly. Silver dogs love being around people. Therefore, you should introduce them to many human beings at a young age.

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How to Care for s Silver Lab

In terms of care, they need a fair amount of attention. As mentioned earlier, Silver Labs are high energy animals; thus, you will need at least one hour in a day to exercise your dog. They also need dog park sessions at a young age to socialize with young dogs.

Talking about grooming, they need brushing two times a week to keep their coat healthy. You will also have to give your dog routine care, such as flea and worm treatments. Regular nail capping and teeth cleaning are also vital for their health.

These dogs are proper for a family or individual who has a well-fenced compound and can spend time exercising, playing, and cuddling with them. Labs like to swim, which makes them prone to ear infections; thus, cleaning their ears is also important.

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When it comes to feeding, Silver Labs are medium-sized dogs, so feeding them twice a day with one and a quarter cups of quality, dry food is appropriate for them. It is crucial to shop for food that has high protein content. Also, be careful not to give them a lot of snacks because they are prone to obesity.

Silver Lab Temperament

When it comes to popularity, this breed surpasses any other dog breed, according to the American Kennel Club. This is because labs are considered adaptable and friendly. Despite this quality, pet owners need to train them in socialization with animals and people at an early age.

Silver Labs are protective. This attribute makes them favored for many individuals. They are popular because people find them trainable and responsible. Another critical trait of this dog breed is that they are versatile and can adapt to new conditions. Owners of this dog experience that Silver Labs are intelligent and show interest in learning new tricks.

If you are considering to be a pet owner, who cares less about the origin and color of your pet dog, do not hesitate to choose this adorable dog breed. You will enjoy benefits such as security and a loyal companion to whom you can trust and rely.

American kennel club and silver labs go hand in hand they are believed to have a dilution gene. The charcoal labradors can be a family dog from a reputable breeder, chocolate labs has various different color variations of dilute chocolates.

A silver labrador retriever has a variance in color dilution alopecia which can have a silver color. They are know to have health issues but can be great family pets. The lab mixes make great hunting dogs due to their recessive genes. Silver lab puppies has blue eyes and a strong coat color. Charcoal lab could be diluted black labs or a cross breed with a dilute color as well.