Silver Labrador Full Grown Gene And Coat Color ?

Silver Labrador Full Grown Gene And Coat Color, And History ?

Silver Labrador full grown is a beautiful, gorgeous dog with a classic look and shimmery silver twist appearance. They have an excellent temperament and the forefront of lots of debates.

Their history is mysterious, believed to be a mixed breed or a purebred labrador. Silver Labradors are not only loathed but loved by many. The following article will arm you with information as you considered to get a silver labrador.

Silver Lab Puppies Make A Great Family Pet

Silver labrador color is described by many as diluted brown, whereas another claim to be shimmery silver. Their color can differ from one to another, depending on their parents and genes. Their nose tends to be brown. Silver labrador’s puppies possess light blue eyes before they are eight months old, which fade gradually to pale yellow. Their ears are large, with a longer and thinner muzzle.

A male silver lab has a height of 22.5- 24.5 inches and weighing 65 to 80 pounds while a female silver lab measures at 21.5 to 23.5 inches and 55 to 70 pounds of weight. They are quite hefty, stocky yet well proportional dogs. They have a strong muzzle and powerful with a cheeky and cheerful expression. They have a long thick tail that they use to steer in water.


They pose an intelligent and trainable character with a simple life. Not only are silver lab obedient, but they also are ready to lend a paw. They are genuine companions.

Silver Lab : Interesting Facts To Know About Them

These puppies like to join during family games and splash in the pool. They are sincere, friendly pooch. They will retrieve anything throw and entrain the entire family for hours.

Silver labs are fond of small children and other animals. Sometimes, its sociality has downslides as they are known to suffer from separation anxiety. They are known for their friendly, active, and outgoing over the years.

Exercise And Training

The silver lab, being a working dog, will need at least an hour of training daily. Silver labs will require to burn down extra fat in their body through intensive training.

Having a family dog may come with different color variations for the silver lab puppy. You can have a silver lab puppy or a chocolate lab as well. For the silver labradors they may have a color dilution alopecia which can be a part of silver labrador retriever.

These dogs tend to have hip and elbow dysplasia which can happen with age. The silver color ones tend to have health issues which is why you want to get them form reputable breeders. Labrador retrievers sometimes has health problems with the coat colors as family pets because of the diluted genes or recessive genes, such as with the yellow lab, black lab, and chocolate labradors.

Training a silver lab may include playing fetch, taking part in agility, and jogging. With a high affinity for water, they love swimming. Being one of the smartest canines, they can are used during fieldwork such as search and rescue of drugs. As the owner, make sure you have plenty of toys to keep them entertained.

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silver labrador

Health And Nutrition

Silver Labs are healthy dogs with an average of 10-12 years. They might suffer from the following diseases: bacteria on dogs cause hip and elbow dysplasia, which causes abnormal formation hip and elbow joints, and exercise-induced collapse, which can make the pup suffer from loss of muscle control and color dilution alopecia infection. The infection affects hair follicles, causing the dog to lose hair and dry skin.

Silver labs will take three cups of food made for labs, which should be a large breed formula. They also feed on anything that can get them going. It is essential to monitor their food consumption to avoid being obese or suffer from other weight-related diseases. Avoid feeding them with high calories food or human food.

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Silver labs have a double coat with a thick and dense undercoat to keep him warm. They also have water and ice resistant to prevent them from getting ill if they stay in water for a long time. Its outer coat is coarse and short. They will need a coat brushing one or twice a week being moderately shredded. Bathing them after every six weeks will keep them smelling fresh.

Breeders And Puppy Prices

The average cost of silver labs will cost from $1250 to $1500. It is advisable to get one from a reputable breeder. It not only assures you of getting a healthy pooch but also they have the best start.


Silver labs are best suitable for individuals who have time, space, and energy for the pooch. They tend to like being around people, and they are fussy. Silver labs are term as super friendly, loving, with a lot of energy, and they are fun.

They also don’t have an issue with other animals around them. Silver labs will only require an hour of training to keep them mentally stimulated. Following the under a shed is what they need for their groom and care. They are attractive dogs that remain to love companions over the years.

American kennel club and silver labs go hand in hand they are believed to have a dilution gene. The charcoal labradors can be a family dog from a reputable breeder, chocolate labs has various different color variations of dilute chocolates. A silver labrador retriever has a variance in color dilution alopecia which can have a silver color. They are know to have health issues but can be great family pets. The lab mixes make great hunting dogs due to their recessive genes. Silver lab puppies has blue eyes and a strong coat color.