Special Needs Dogs: 3 Topics Of Interest

Special needs dogs ? Whereas many might not be too conversant with what special needs dogs are, they are not a new thing in the world. These are often dogs that come with various special needs that go beyond food, love, as well as shelter.

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Some of the typical special needs that are likely to witness include dietary, daily medication, dog aggression, heat sensitivity, as well as high energy. For instance, if you are with a dog that is not built to accommodate extensive heat, it could be a special need dog.

Such comes about as it requires being in a controlled environment. We look at some of the definitive aspects of these dogs.

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Types of Special needs dogs

As pointed out earlier, we have dogs with various needs. Understanding these needs could help in making sure that you make credible decisions at the end of the day. Here are some of the top issues you are likely to face.

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Special needs dogs with dietary issues will often be allergic to particular foods. For instance, a Labrador is usually allergic to beef. For this reason, it will be prudent to avoid any food that contains traces of meat. Taking surveys on the type of allergens to keep off for specific types of dogs will often come in handy for you.

You will also witness that some are on daily medication. Such dogs usually suffer from various conditions, including epilepsy, separation anxiety, skin problems, as well as arthritis. Whichever the disease, it is necessary that they get their medication as recommended. This way, they will end up with better health in the long run.

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Additionally, some dogs could be fear-reactive to strangers or dog-reactive to some dogs. This problem is often behavioral. For this reason, it will be valuable to consider the services of an ideal behaviorist vet. They will ensure that the dog understands how to relate and even accommodate specific people and issues in the long run.

While mental and physical energy could be healthy, it might be detrimental if they highlight it in excess. Aggression will often be a real problem.

For this reason, it will be necessary for the dog to get the chance to burn some of this energy. This way, you will easily avoid some of the issues that could be costly if not properly taken care of on time. Set aside some time, perhaps early in the morning, to ensure that they burn excess energy.

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How to Take Care of Special Needs Dogs

Often, you will note that many special needs dogs tend to wear cones. These cones are essential in ensuring that the dog does not lick any of its wounds, surgical incisions, as well as other irritations.

Licking is an instinctive response that could only worsen the problem. Ensure that you create this protective barrier to guarantee the health of the dog in the long run. You could also consider soft collars, neck collars, or surgical recovery suits if ever you need an alternative.

Various special needs tend to be blind, as well. It is necessary to avoid leaving obstacles in the way of the dog. Such barriers could only cause further confusion to the dog further.

It will also be essential for you to ensure that your children understand the plight of the dog. Besides, talking to the dog using verbal cues will often be helpful.

Such will also be an ideal time for you to consider training the dog how to respond to various smells or sounds. It is through this that you will be confident of the safety of your dog at the end of the day.

All these aspects will be helpful for both partially blind and fully blind dogs. Additional love will also be quite beneficial in this regard. Special needs dogs require more attention and compassion.


Before the tag ‘special need’, these pets are animals. For this reason, they need the love and care that other dogs will require in this pursuit. It is only after you understand their needs that you will take care of them accordingly.

Family members have special needs pets which could be a dog or cat and or a service dog, if it is a blind dog it will be considered a special needs dog, also if it is deaf pet that could impact the quality of life. Adopting a special needs or blind pets with physical disabilities can also be deaf dogs as well.