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Can dogs poop on turf ? Every dog owner dreads having to deal with their pet’s poop tasks. It is the responsible thing to do for the environment to make sure that when your dog poops, you pick it up and clean the area.

These poop droppings from your dog are irritating, as much as you love your pup. The poop dries the grass; thus, you are left with patches of dried grass throughout your lawn, or bare spots from them digging it up to help themselves.

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You want a beautiful yard that is green throughout the year, so you think about getting turf on it; however, now you are wondering, can dogs poop on turf? and if they can, how will that pan out ?

can dogs poop on turf


Turf is grass and part of the soil, earth, or material that is beneath the grass and where the roots hold on.

Well, when it comes to turf and dog poop, there isn’t much difference with real grass when it comes to cleaning it.

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The only difference is that the dog poop will not leave a dried out patch on the turf as it would on regular grass, therefore the dog’s urine or poop will not cause any damage on the turf.

Cleaning it is also as easy as it is on regular grass, however, when your dog pees, you might need to take the cleaning an extra mile to make sure that you maintain excellent hygiene as failure to this might put you and your pet in health danger.

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It might take a while for your dog to get used to relieving themselves on the turf, but eventually, they do.

It would be difficult for your dog to dig through turf if the dog attempts to cover up the poop; thus still no damage to your turf will be made.

dangers of not picking up dog poop

The turf is safe for both your family and your pet as there are some out there that might be treated with lead and with pets and children always liking to chew on everything, they might be harmful to their health.

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Turf has a porous surface, which means that if your pet pees on it, you will not have to see a pool of yellow pee as it will sip through and drain into the ground.

If this doesn’t happen, it might create pockets of urine after it dries and crystallizes, which will be very dangerous to kids and pets playing around. In the case that the urine does not drain properly, it is advisable to horse down with plenty of water to make sure that the pee dissolves and the odor disappear entirely.



When your dog poops on the turf, do not throw a fit or panic because cleaning poop off the turf is easy and not at all different from cleaning from regular glass.

Do an excellent job at scooping the poop off the turf and removing residual particles. After a good scooping job, it is advised to horse down the area to leave it clean and safe from bacteria or other harmful things that might stem from the poop stain.

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Artificial turf is low maintenance as it requires very little attention, even with your pets going to the bathroom on it. The most important thing to keep in mind is to clean up the poop almost immediately to ensure a perfect clean up job for poop is done and to ensure there is no trace of pee left on it.

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Artificial turf lasts for years, even with your dog playing, trying to scratch on it, or also pooping on. Most brands will have anti-bacterial elements treated into their turf; this will help protect any contamination that may arise from pet poop and pee.

There are options pf turf out there that have unique pet features, including particular areas of the turf known as pet potties that you can train your dog to use their toilet.

Children and pets have a very unique relationship when it comes to dog poop neither one likes it. If a dog has to go to the bathroom it may be on natural grass or synthetic turf after installing artificial turf or synthetic grass. An artificial grass lawn can use a treatment of vinegar and water if dogs and cats were to bless it with pet waste, dogs pee urine odor is strong and may impact the turf more than real grass.

You want to ensure that you rinse with clean water and make sure it is dog friendly, the pet owner will need to provide an easy to clean environment for dog urine or cleaning artificial turf.