Subscription Raw Dog Food: 9 Most Affordable Boxes

Subscription raw dog food ? Getting your dog’s raw food delivered to your doorstep is convenient. It means fewer trips to the food store and more time with your dog. In recent years, subscription boxes have grown beyond magazines and clothes to include pets’ meals. With just a few clicks, you could ensure that your dog gets regular health, fresh, and tasty raw food meals.

This list highlights the best nine subscription raw dog food providers.

Raw Dog Food Subscription Service Delivered To You

Proper Handling of Raw Dog Food

Raw dog food places you at risk of food-borne illnesses. Wrong handling could leave you vulnerable to bacterial contamination from germs like E. coli and Salmonella.

Make sure you wash your hands, workspace, and utensils with warm soapy water before and after serving every raw meal.

Dog Raw Food Diet Subscription : Meal Plan

1. Cali Raw

Cali Raw dog food contains raw meat, organ meat, bones, and vegetables. The ingredients are human-grade, fresh, and species-appropriate. They are also formulated to constitute puppy and adult options.

The site offers a 10lb. starter box for new members and a combo box with all Cali Raw’s meals for sampling. All other meal plans are packed from 20lbs with a schedule ranging from weekly to once every 3 months.

A Cali Raw adult meal costs $62.50 per box, and puppy subscription boxes go for $65. The meals are delivered frozen, packed with dry ice, to your doorstep, and at a preferred frequency. You can alter, pause, or cancel your subscription at your will.

subscription raw dog food


To use Cali Raw’s dog food service;

Use Cali Raw’s calculator to choose the ideal box size for your dog
Pick a formula
Set a delivery interval

Raw Dog Food Subscription Right At Your Finger Tips

Subscribers also get 5 percent off every order.

2. The Farmer’s Dog (United Kingdom)

The Farmer’s Dog delivers raw dog food at prices starting from $17.82. The subscriptions are timely and recurring and don’t require you to re-order every month. They also include a constant 10 percent discount on standard meal prices.

After choosing your preferred raw dog food flavor, you can also set the frequency of delivery as either weekly, or every 2, 4, or 6 weeks.

Dog Food Raw Delivery: Food Prep Made Simple

The Farmer’s Dog meals are naturally packed with zero additives or vegetables. A typical chub contains offal, raw meat, and ground bone. Standard meal plans include:

Raw Premium Chicken at £15.12 every 6 weeks
Raw Mixed at 20.88 every 6 weeks
Raw Lamb at £22.32 every 6 weeks
Raw Wild Venison at £23.76 every 6 weeks

3. Darwin’s

Darwin’s raw dog food is made from organic vegetables and natural, free-range meat. You can customize your recipes to fit your dog’s preferences from a price of $14.95. Each Darwin’s subscription dog food is delivered weekly across the country for free.

To get Darwin’s grain and gluten-free raw dog food recipes:

Pick a suitable product line.
Fill out information about your dog’s health and size.
Check out

Best Raw Dog Food Delivery: What Every Pet Owner Need

Darwin’s will recommend a meal plan and delivery schedule for your pet’s unique needs.

4. BJ’s Raw

BJ’s Raw provides various raw dog meals to their clients. They also offer an optional recurring subscription option. Their meals are fresh and sourced from a local farm in Lancaster County, PA.

BJ’s Raw’s top picks include:

Premium Mix – Price range $9.99 – $149.10, at $3.92 – $5.00 per pound
Basic Mix – Price range $8.66 – $132.69, at $3.49 – $4.33 per pound
Ground Beef with bones, tripe, and organs – Price range $8.15 – $165.22, at $3.59 – $4.93 per pound
Turkey Mix – Price Range $9.99 – $149.10, at $3.92 – $5.00 per pound

5. JustFoodforDogs

JustFoodforDogs recipes come in frozen and freeze-dried options. They constitute of fresh USDA-certified meats and natural vegetables with prices starting at $4.95.

You can use their auto-ship program to shop for raw dog food and set up a recurrent delivery plan. Options include shipments every 2, 4, or 8 weeks.

However, you can skip deliveries up to 7 weeks in advance.

6. Spot and Tango

Spot and Tango offer a wide range of dog meals, including some raw options. Their recipes are designed to serve both puppies and adults with health benefits like improved digestion and reduced allergies. They also contain zero additives, soy, wheat, or gluten.

To create a subscription, you need to take a short quiz about your dog. The meal plans are priced from $37.30 and are delivered every 2 weeks.

7. I and Love and You

I and Love and You deliver a wide range of treats, wet food, meal enhancers, and dry foods. Nonetheless, they also provide several raw dog food recipes with costs ranging from $2.69 to $11.99.

The I and Love and You site allows you to choose your ideal meal which is then delivered monthly. You can save 5 percent on each subscription by subscribing to each item on your recipe individually.

8. Five Star Raw Diets

This subscription service offers USDA-certified and approved raw dog meals. Their ingredients are naturally sourced and packed in the United States. Although they have several subscription plans, their most popular one includes 12 one-pound meals delivered every two weeks.

9. Raw Wild

Raw Wild’s is made from 100 percent venison and elk meat. It contains no preservatives, hormones, grain, gluten, GMO, or antibiotics. Raw Wild’s subscription plans include:

12 lbs. at $131.88
24 lbs. at $239.76
48 lbs. at $431.52

Bottom Line

If you have a busy schedule, you could easily forget to order your dog’s next meal. When this happens, your dog may fail to get the benefits of a good raw meal, and you could suffer extra costs or miss out on deals.

A subscription plan for raw dog food is the most efficient and affordable way to meet your dog’s dietary needs while saving both time and money.

A dog s health is normally good when they have a balanced diet. Raw pet food that uses quality meats and a raw diet that has high quality food will always win on a dog s diet. Organ meats and raw wild fish could help with health issues when feeding your dog. It should always have human grade to help prevent health problems. Dogs and cats need to have a complete and balanced cali raw or raw feeding with meats bones and organs and it should always be grain free and include a meal plan.