Teacup Pug: 5 Tips To Take Care Of One

Teacup pug looks adorable and they are very friendly pets so it’s easy to fall in love with them! They get along well with other animals, as well as with children. They love attention and they always want to cuddle.



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If you are going to buy a teacup puppies you should know that their life expectancy is 6 to 10 years. The full-grown adult will weight around 3-5 pounds. Unfortunately, due to their small size they have more health issues than larger dogs. Pug puppies has slightly longer snout.

teacup pug


Teacup Pug : Here Are 5 Ways To Care For Beginners

1. Make sure they exercise regularly

They are comfortable living in apartment, but don’t forget that they need exercise too.

You might not be able to take them on a long walks due to their size, but keep in mind that teacup pugs need 30 minutes of exercise every day, in order to stay healthy. You should keep your dog active, if you don’t want him to get nervous.

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2. Brushing and cleaning

You should brush your teacup pug regularly in order to control shedding issues.

That way you will keep its coat nice and clean. Pugs are heavily wrinkled so you should also remember to clean his wrinkles in order to prevent possible infections.

3. Show them your love

Some dogs don’t need a lot of attention. Well, teacup pugs are not that kind of dogs!

They quickly establish relationship with their owner and you will become the center of their world!

They have easy-going, positive temperament. They are very loyal to their owners, and very affectionate.

They love kids, other dogs, even cats. Give them the attention they deserve! Play with them, cuddle them, show them that you love them.

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This melon is considered a treat for your pet dog. A treat for your dog is the best thing that could happen to them because they will be happy when they get it. Whenever you treat your dog you make sure you give them the best that you have to offer. Never forget to give your dog a treat every now and then.

4. Start training them while they are young

To achieve the best results, start training them early. Be patient with them, don’t yell. Vets suggest that you use positive reinforcement training.

They will react to the tone of your voice and if you are patient enough they will soon learn to behave properly! They want to please their owners so there shouldn’t be any issues.

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One negative characteristic they have is they sometimes tend to bark too much. That’s why because you want your attention. Just be calm and patient and you will manage to train them not to be loud.

5. Take extra care about their health

As we already mentioned, teacup pugs are more prone to health issues than other dogs. Their small size makes them more vulnerable.

They often suffer from hypoglycemia (low sugar), dental problems, incontinence, brittle bones, heart problems and so on. This list might sound terrifying but it doesn’t mean your dog will suffer from all conditions that we mentioned.

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That just means that you should pay a little bit more attention to their health, especially if you notice that they are tired and weak. You might have to take them to the vet more often than other dogs, so it’s good to know that in advance.

Anyway, they are great pets and they will answer to your attention and care with unconditional love!