Top 20 Worst Dog Foods List: Let’s See Who Made The Cut

Top 20 worst dog foods list ? It’s quite unfortunate how for years, some dog food companies have been selling low-quality dog foods full of questionable ingredients. Deceptive marketing strategies have led to the emergence of ‘fake’ labelling of dog foods to persuade dog owners to buy their products.

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Not all dog foods labelled as 100% natural and balanced are genuine. This is why we have taken the initiative to compile the top 20 worst dog foods list. In coming up with this list, we considered the ingredient quality, customer reviews, recall notices and brand transparency.

1. Kibbles ‘n Bits Original Formula

This particular food has been linked to many dog deaths and illnesses. It contains a high amount of preservatives, such as sorbic acid and BHA. Its manufacturers also add wheat middlings in bulk to reduce production costs. You should avoid this by all means.

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2. Purina Veterinary Diets

The name of this dog food is contrary to the ingredients it contains. The Purina Veterinary Diet contains ingredients such as caramel color and propylene glycol, which have no health benefit to your furry friend.

3. Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition Beef Flavour

Pedigree has been on the limelight for producing low-quality foods. This particular one is the worst of all. A huge number of dog owners have complained that their dogs have become ill and even died after starting this diet. To make matters even worse, this brand admitted that this food does contain pig hair.

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top 20 worst dog foods list


4. Purina Be Happy Beef Flavour

Why would this brand name this food beef flavour yet in its ingredients, beef is the 4th ingredient? The first ingredient is yellow corn, followed by ground wheat.

5. Walmart’s Ol’ Roy Dog Food

Its main ingredients being soybean meal, corn and ground wheat makes us wonder what is the benefit of adding this to your dog’s diet. You will only be inviting allergies and digestive complications.

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6. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Dog Food

Despite this product being recommended by some vets, the formula is full of toxic ingredients and fillers. It has been associated with causing anal cell carcinoma.

7. Purina Dog Chow

As mentioned earlier, Purina is a brand that is popular for all the wrong reasons. After its launch, it received a lot of negative complaints online and a class action lawsuit.

8. Wegman’s Bruiser Kibble Variety Mix

The chemicals found in this formula are scary. Feeding your dog BHA, BHT, and xantham gum can affect him/her drastically.

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9. Blackwood 1000 Chicken Meal and Corn Formula

The fact that this meal contains GMOs should raise a red flag for any dog owner.

10. Purina Beneful Original Formula

If you do research, you will find out that this is one of the worst-rated dog foods. It has been linked with allergies, liver failure and even death.

11. Nature’s Recipe Adult Lamb Meal and Rice

The ingredients contained in this recipe are of low quality, and this isn’t the ideal food to feed your dog.

12. PRO PAC Adult Chunk Premium Dog Food

It contains so many fillers, preservatives and artificial ingredients to the point that it makes us wonder if it does meet AAFCO nutrient guidelines.

13. Purina Senior 7+

Older dogs are quite vulnerable to becoming ill. Feeding them this food puts them at a higher risk of falling sick because it contains harmful ingredients.

14. Iams ProActive Health Adult Minichunks

This dry dog food has been linked with digestive problems, and it isn’t suitable for a dog with health issues.

15. Gravy Train Dog Food

Its affordable price might tempt you to buy it. But you should know that in 2007 it received a massive recall and contains nutrition-poor ingredients.

16. Alpo by Purina

There was a lot of complaints about the Alpo by Purina to the point the FDA launched an investigation. The brand doesn’t seem to be keen about meeting production requirements.

17. Kal Kan Dog Food

The formula contains soybean meal, yellow corn and gluten, which are bad for your dog’s health.

18. Purina Dog Chow Healthy Morsels

The artificial colourants yellow 5, blue 2 and red 40 found in this food is strong enough to cause digestive issues.

19. Iams ProActive Health Smart Puppy Formula

Puppies are fragile. And as a result, shouldn’t be fed foods that have low-quality ingredients. Many owners have complained that this food leads to digestive issues.

20. Science Diet Adult Dog Breed

Don’t let the extensive list of ingredients sway you. This diet has received thousands of complaints and contains many filers.

Every time you are considering introducing your dog to new foods, always cross-check this list. If you have been feeding him/her any of the above, stop it immediately.

Sweet potatoes and fish meals are considered worst dog foods which is why it is important to have a ingredient lists with high quality and caramel color.

There are many different ingredients in dog food such as grain wheat, minerals ferrous sulfate zinc oxide, and salt potassium chloride. Dog food formula has red 40 and vitamins vitamin e supplement along with artificial coloring.

Kibbles n bits pet foods can help in feeding your dog, but also there is another ingredient cal dl methionine which needs to be research more to find out the impact on a dog’s digestive system.

A chicken by product meal with citric acid and corn soybean meal are also other ingredients that needs to be verified as well.